The best Quotes by Frank Castle

The best Quotes by Frank Castle

Daredevil: "You shot up a hospital."
Castle: "Yeah, and nobody got hurt who didn't deserve it."
Daredevil - Season 2 Episode 3
Frank Castle is dead. Call me 'The Punisher'!
Pain. You can get used to pain, Lieberman. You can adjust to it. You can adjust to pretty much anything. Just as long as there’s routine, right? Routine. Human mind, it craves it. Needs it. But if you take that away, that’s when you start to lose your shit. When you take away day and night and food. No water, no patterns.
The Punisher - Season 1 Episode 3
Happy is a kick in the balls waiting to happen.
The Punisher - Season 1 Episode 1
If you’re gonna look at yourself, really look in the mirror, you gotta admit who you are. But not just to yourself, you gotta admit it to everybody else.
The Punisher - Season 1 Episode 13

Quotes about Frank Castle

They're called Punishers, apparently. No relation to Frank Castle - except they're about as violent - and as hard to kill.

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We are all lonely. I sometimes think that that is all that life is. We’re just fighting not to be alone.
Karen Page in The Punisher - Season 1 Episode 5
Believe it or not, I actually care what happens to you, which makes precisely one of us.
Karen Page in The Punisher - Season 1 Episode 2
You have to do whatever it takes to take care of the people you love.
David "Micro" Lieberman in The Punisher - Season 1 Episode 9
Good is not a thing you are. It is a thing you do.
Ms. Marvel in Marvel Comic Books - Ms. Marvel Vol 1
We are the Avengers. We are a team. We have to work together to defeat our enemy!
Vision in Marvel Comic Books - All-New, All-Different Avengers
You're gonna miss each and every shot you can't be bothered to take. That's not living life - that's just being a tourist. Take every shot, Kate. If it's worth caring about, no matter how impossible you think it is - you take the shot.
You cowboy around with the Avengers some. Guys got, what, armor. Magic. Super-powers. Super-strength. Shrink-dust. Grow-rays. Magic. Healing factors. I'm an orphan raised by carnies fighting with a stick and a string from the Paleolithic era.
You are a worse nuisance than that accursed Spider-Man - and I will not brook nuisances.
Hell's Kitchen is my neighborhood. I prowl the rooftops and alleyways at night, watching from the darkness. Forever in darkness. A guardian devil.
You can build a prison of stone and steel, but you merely present the prisoner with a challenge. Any truly determined man will find a way out, but love. Love is the perfect prison. Inescapable.
Kingpin in Daredevil - Season 2 Episode 3
You know, you should always be polite to your neighbors. You never know when you might need to borrow some sugar.
Track the pod. Find the girl. She knows more than she knows.
This is war. My hands are filthy from it, too. But we're here now. You found my family, and this is just the beginning.
Time and distance, they afford a certain clarity. I realized that this city was a part of me, that it was in my blood. And I would do anything to make it a better place for people like you.
Kingpin in Daredevil - Season 1 Episode 4
I'm not seeking penance for what I've done, Father. I'm asking forgiveness... for what I'm about to do.
Matt Murdock in Daredevil - Season 1 Episode 1
The only thing I know without a doubt is you don't get to be the man at the top without making enemies looking to tear you down to the ground.
Ben Urich in Daredevil - Season 1 Episode 11
Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Stark said you wouldn't get that because it's not a Star Wars reference.
Talos in Spider-Man - Far From Home
I don't know anything about norse gods, but I do know how to bring the thunder.
Thor in What If…? - Season 1 Episode 7
Been riding a desk for the past six years trying to figure out where our future enemies are coming from. Never occurred to me they would be coming from above.
Even the most formidable walls - like the walls we build around ourselves - can be overcome if someone is just willing to look at it and wonder what's behind it.
Wonder Man in Marvel Comic Books - Wonder Man Vol 3
Kamala: "She thinks I'm some kind of weirdo."
Bruno: "You are a weirdo."
Ms. Marvel - Season 1
Unfortunately, violent men must be dealt with violently.
Adam Warlock in Marvel Comic Books - Incredible Hulk Vol 1 177
Egyptians invented modern navigation. There's not a lot of landmarks in the desert. So they came up with a way to get about using the sun and the stars. It's bloody genius, isn't it?
Moon Knight in Moon Knight - Season 1 Episode 3
Throughout my life the Ten Rings gave my family power. If you want them to be yours one day, you have to show me you're strong enough to carry them.
Wenwu / The Mandarin in Shang-Chi - and the Legend of the Ten Rings
Well, I'm Captain America now, and I've got to live up to the highest code of honor I can.
John Walker in Marvel Comic Books - Captain America Vol 1 334
We're not defined by what we los. We're defined by what we survive.
Jecki Lon in Star Wars: The Acolyte - Season 1 Episode 4

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