Quotes and Sayings about Fireworks

Quotes and Sayings about Fireworks

Here you can find the best Quotes about Fireworks, Firecrackers and Pyrotechnics.

Everyone of us carries a little spark of madness.
I don't. I'm firework.
Everyone's carrying a little spark of madness inside of them.
I don't. I'm fireworks.
Hey, let's watch the video I took from the last New Year's fireworks!
- no one, ever
"When the last sparks of the fireworks have disappeared into the sky, they turn into rain and snow, and will fall upon the earth again, nourishing the land and nurturing humanity, so that someday they can be sent up into the sky again and display their magnificence." Of the many stories my father told me, this one is my favorite.
A fireworks display lights up the sky, creating colors and sparkles in the darkness. It is like a moment of joy that makes hearts shine. Each spark symbolizes hope and new beginnings. It reminds us that even in the darkest times, a ray of light exists. Fireworks are the art of the moment, enchanting us and igniting our emotions.
"Hey, I saw a fireworks display yesterday and it was absolutely spectacular! The colorful lights in the sky enchanted me. But I have to be honest, I got a little scared when one rocket flew in the wrong direction and almost hit my cake. Thankfully, everything turned out fine! Fireworks are just magical, but also a little bit dangerous."
A spectacle of flaming colors that illuminates the night sky. The stars paled before the glow of exploding sparks. A dance of lights, accompanied by loud cracks and cheering crowds. A performance that ignites the hearts of spectators and banishes the darkness.
Ein Feuerwerk der Emotionen und Licht,
Verzaubert uns in dieser magischen Nacht.
Ein Fest für die Sinne, ein Moment der Glückseligkeit,
Feuerwerk, du bist unsere schönste Zeit.
Whispers of magic, in each fiery bloom,
Captivating hearts, dispelling all gloom.
Cheers and laughter, fill the air,
As fireworks soar, without a care.

With each explosion, hearts ignite,
A moment of wonder, pure delight.
Fireworks, a celebration, a jubilee,
A kaleidoscope of joy, for all to see.

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Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.
It's up to you to decide whether you want the new year to be an engine or a break.
Happy new year. Not that there's anything to be happy about, though... I'm just saying it because it's the norm.
You always want to end the year on a high note.
We have 365 days ahead of us. 365 new chances, hopes, and possibilities to make the world a better place. Let's go!
Don't grasp the past, you need both hands for the future.
If you want a year to be successful, you'll have to start working on January 1st.
The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.
And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.
On the last night of the year, we reflect upon moments of joy and challenges. But with each chime of the New Year bells, we feel the hope for a fresh chapter. Let's release the past together and bravely step into the unknown. Happy New Year!
In splendid attire, accompanied by merry laughter and magnificent fireworks, we welcome the new year. Rejoicing crowds and sparkling lights fill the night. But alas, what fate holds? May prosperity and peace be our companions as we continue the dance of life.
New Year's Eve, a night so bright,
Fireworks exploding, lighting up the night.
Counting down the seconds, anticipation in the air,
A fresh start awaits, a blank canvas to share.

Champagne glasses clink, laughter fills the room,
Hopes and dreams, ready to bloom.
Cheers to new beginnings, and memories yet to be,
A year full of possibilities, for you and me.

So let's raise a toast, to the year ahead,
May it bring joy, love, and dreams widespread.
Happy New Year, may it be filled with cheer,
May it be a year of growth, love, and no fear.
New Year's Eve, the night of good resolutions. I've decided to start eating healthier from now on. But then the New Year's buffet tempted me and I threw all my resolutions out the window. Oh well, it's only once a year, right? Cheers to the New Year!
There are many people in the country today who, through no fault of their own, are sane. Some of them were born sane. Some of them became sane later in their lives.
I'm not crazy - my reality is just different from yours.
I don't have a phone. I refuse to be a slave to technology.
Wednesday Addams in Wednesday - Season 1 Episode 1
We live in a world where losing your iPhone is more dramatic than losing your virginity.
Fireworks are for now, but friends are forever.
What should you do after watching fireworks all day? Hehe, the answer is... to watch them again in your dreams, of course!
My ideals have no stains.
I must correct you. People here bear no sins in the eyes of the gods... Only laws and the Tribunal can judge someone.
They can judge even me. So praise my magnificence and purity.
Eternity stretches things out over a long time. But each moment within it becomes all the more fragile.
With you by my side, though our mouths stay silent, my heart is at peace.
Observation is the first step of any experiment, but observing the current world doesn't satisfy me. It lacks an important dimension - that of time.
Some ambitions have the power to heal wounds, to bring victory, to inspire hope. But some ambitions, outlive their masters, long after their soul ascends. They remain as they were in the beginning, burning bright and true, for all eternity.
Dreams are rich bundles of human wisdom.
You should know that all power comes at a price. For every bit of power you gain, so too do you gain more responsibility.
Only once you know and respect death, can you truly understand the value of life.
Sorry... Paimon's mouth just works so much faster than everyone else's.
People say that a secret shared is a secret no more, but I like to think that true friends keep each other's secrets.
The world is full of lost ballads just waiting to be rediscovered.
A warrior must always be ready to face any challenge with his blade. The outcome of the battle is irrelevant - what matters is that you learn from the experience.
If you're suggesting that we escalate this from a verbal exchange to a physical one, I accept.
I'm far from human. I can't make much of human emotions.

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