The best Quotes from Finding Dory

The best Quotes from Finding Dory

Finding Dory is a 2016 American computer-animated comedy-drama adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Andrew Stanton, produced by Lindsey Collins and written by Stanton and Victoria Strouse, the film is the sequel to Finding Nemo (2003).

Marlin and Nemo are more than just friends... they are destiny.
I suffer from short term memory loss, it runs in my family. At least I think it does.
Just wait over there and forget. That is what you do best.
I can remember some things because I have a family because everyone has a family.
No matter how hard I tried I couldn't forget you.
Dory's Parent: "We see the undertow, and we say..."
Dory: "...let's go!"
Ya know, someone with 3 hearts shouldn't be so mean.
When something is too hard... there is always another way.
The best things happen by chance.
No memory, no problems.
What do you mean? Just tell me. I'm okay with crazy!
This is the Ocean, silly, we're not the only two in here.

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Well you can't never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him!
Dory in Finding Nemo
I look at you, and I... and I'm home. Please! I don't want that to go away. I don't want to forget.
Dory in Finding Nemo
When life gets you down, do you wanna know what you've gotta do? Just keep swimming.
Dory in Finding Nemo
I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food!
Bruce in Finding Nemo
Hello. My name is Dory. I don't think I've ever eaten a fish. Whew. Glad I got that off my chest.
Dory in Finding Nemo
What is it with men and asking for directions?
Dory in Finding Nemo
Chum: "Humans - they think they own everything."
Anchor: "Probably American."
Anchor in Finding Nemo
He either said we should 'go to the back of the throat' or he wants a 'root beer float'.
Dory in Finding Nemo
Marlin: "Oh, my stomach."
Crush: "Hey, no hurlin' on the shell, dude, okay? Just waxed it."
Crush in Finding Nemo
I'm H2O intolerant!
Sheldon the Seahorse in Finding Nemo
Bubbles: "Wow, the Big Blue! What's it like?"
Nemo: "Uhm. Big and blue."
Bubbles: "I knew it!"
How can you research a made-up world? You can't, really.
Andrew Stanton (Employee at Pixar Animation Studios)
You know, I once knew this girl. Doreen. Good-looking girl. Looked just like a Jaguar, only she was a truck! You know, I used to crash into her just so I could speak to her.
Hook in Cars
I said my face bomb, ass tight
Racks stack up Shaq height
Jewelry on me, flashlight
I been lit since last night
Only a song has the power to change a heart. Never underestimate the power of music.
Ernesto de la Cruz in Coco
The curious fish gets caught!
Daniela Paguro in Luca
That is not brightly colored. Or shaped like a dinosaur. Hold on guys. It's broccoli - bah!
Disgust in Inside Out
I don't want to survive, I want to live!
Captain in WALL·E
How dare you open a spaceman's helmet on an uncharted planet! My eyeballs could've been sucked from their sockets!
Come on. Let’s see how much we’re going for on eBay.
Hamm in Toy Story
Our fate lies within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.
Merida in Brave
If you focus on what you left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead. Now go up and look around!
Gusteau in Ratatouille
Don't worry. You can't crush a soul here, that's what life on earth is for.
22 in Soul
Roz, my tender, oozing blossom, you’re looking fabulous today. Is that a new haircut? Tell me it’s a new haircut. It’s got to be a new haircut. New makeup? You had a lift? You had a tuck? You had something? Something has been inserted in in you that makes you look… Listen, I need a favor.
Mike Glotzkowski in Monsters, Inc
In times of old the world was full of wonder and magic. But times change.
Everything that made that giant tree is already contained inside this tiny little seed. All it needs is some time, a little bit of sunshine and rain, and voilá!
Flik in A Bug's Life
My whole life I've been perfect little Mae-Mae, but maybe I like this new me.
Maelin Lee in Turning Red
Your cells age at half the rate of a normal human. When you're 40, you'll still have the leucocytes of a teenager.
Beast / Hank McCoy in X-Men - Erste Entscheidung

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