The best Quotes from Fear Street

The best Quotes from Fear Street

Here you can find the best Quotes from Fear Street, a movie series that's based on the books by Robert Lawrence Stine and was released on Netflix.

It's not your future if you're pretending to be someone else.
Part One: 1994
She realized she'd never felt this happy. Even at her old school, she had been an outsider, always the lonely girl, the one who stayed at home watching TV on Saturday nights while her friends went to parties and out on dates.
R. L. Stine - First Date
Do you know how expensive AOL is?
Fear Street - Part One: 1994
I don't think you go from a sweet girl with dreams to ripping someone's insides out with a switchblade.
Fear Street - Part Two: 1978
Sane people don't chop up their friends.
Fear Street - Part Two: 1978
The Devil has come and cast his darkness over us. This darkness grows within each of us.
Fear Street - Part Three: 1666
Shadyside, small-town America. But among locals, a history of horror has earned it another nickname, "Killer Capital USA". And last night, tragedy struck again.
Part One: 1994
In Shadyside, the past is never really past. This was July 12th. The summer of 1978. The first day of camp. A week later, my sister was dead.
Fear Street - Part Two: 1978
Let's not let tonight be a stain on our legacy.
Fear Street - Part Two: 1978
It happens in Shadyside over and over. Normal people turn into psychos.
Part One: 1994
She reaches from beyond the grave to make good men her wicked slaves.
Fear Street - Part One: 1994

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Many adults feel that every children's book has to teach them something. My theory is a children's book can be just for fun.
I've had a very sheltered life. What can happen to you if you stay home writing all day?
A real New Yorker likes the sound of a garbage truck in the morning.
Read. Read. Read. Just don't read one type of book. Read different books by various authors so that you develop different styles.
I feel happy to terrify kids.
Most fears are basic: fear of the dark, fear of going down in the bas*ment, fear of weird sounds, fear that somebody is waiting for you in your closet. Those kinds of things stay with you no matter what age.
If you want to be a writer, don't worry so much about writing. Read as much as you can. Read as many different writers as you can. Soak up the styles.
I'm a total Disney freak. I want to live in Disney World.
Your cells age at half the rate of a normal human. When you're 40, you'll still have the leucocytes of a teenager.
Beast / Hank McCoy in X-Men - Erste Entscheidung
I will escape for every innocent woman whose life was stolen.
Elodie, you join a long line of women who have helped to build this kingdom. It is this sacrifice we commemorate every generation. A tradition going back centuries. A legacy of honor and duty you now inherit.
I need you to listen to me now. I don't trust them. They may be royalty, but that doesn't make them good people.
Nothing of value is free. Even the breath of life is purchased at birth only through gasping effort and pain. The best things in life are beyond money; their price is agony and sweat and devotion... and the price demanded for the most precious of all things in life is life itself - ultimate cost for perfect value.
Dizzy: "My mother always told me that violence doesn't solve anything."
Jean Rasczak: "Really? I wonder what the city founders of Hiroshima would have to say about that."
Carmen: "They wouldn't say anything. Hiroshima was destroyed."
Jean Rasczak: "Correct. Naked force has resolved more conflicts throughout history than any other factor. The contrary opinion, that violence doesn't solve anything, is wishful thinking at its worst. People who forget that always die."
Lt. Jean Rasczak in Starship Troopers
I need a corporal. You're it, until you're dead or I find someone better.
Lt. Jean Rasczak in Starship Troopers
Someone asked me once if I knew the difference between a civilian and a citizen. I know now. A citizen has the courage to make the safety of the human race their personal responsibility. Dizzy was my friend. She was a soldier. But most important, she was a citizen of the Federation.
Johnny Rico in Starship Troopers

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