Quotes and Voice-Lines by Fade

Quotes and Voice-Lines by Fade

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Make their fear your weapon... or use a gun, whichever.
Next time we'll use wooden sticks! Make it fair...
There's truth in every dream, if you dig deep enough. Let's find out what they buried.
Their Chamber is dangerous from afar. But up close, he bleeds like the rest of us.
Valorant - to Chamber
Look at them, pale and sweating. All good signs.
Dreams are a funny thing. One little twist, and it all turns dark.
We could finish this with our eyes closed - but I wouldn't recommend it.
Talking a big game doesn't mean much if you lose.
Valorant - to Phoenix
Their fear is a track, and the track is fresh.
Their KAY/O is tough. A bullet is tougher.
Valorant - to KAY/O
Don't worry everyone, I won't tell them what scares you. Promise...
So Chamber's more than just a nice suit, well done!
Valorant - to Chamber
They brought along Omen. His fear is a sorrowful kind. Like a broken doll lost in the attic.
Valorant - to Omen
You have such a way with information, Cypher. After this, let's trade notes.
Valorant - to Cypher
Many people died here. Their fear still lingers.
We won, they lost. This is the way of things.
It doesn't matter where they hide, I'll find them. I always find them.
Together, Viper. Fear and toxin is an effective combination.
Valorant - to Viper
Pry open their mind, find the weakness!
They're blind with fear.
Raze, you do not fear the chaos you inflict. I'm impressed.
Valorant - to Raze
They have courage, but no one is immune to fear.
Everyone is afraid of something.
One dream ends, another begins.
Another mission? Good. Anything to keep me awake.
Face your fear!
We find what's hidden, we take it, then we leave.

Quotes about Fade

Fade, if you run short on nightmares, seek me out. I will gladly share mine.

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Do not worry my radiant friends, I will unplug their talking toaster.
Who is that well dressed man on the other side? Ah, the other me. Of course.
This killing is terrible business but I always say, "if I must do something, be the best."
Be careful with my secrets, Cypher. It is better I think if we stay friends.
They fear death. They should fear so much more than that.
I am the beginning. I am the end.
I bet you never seen a can opener do that.
I know what they're thinking: aimbot.
They're scared, I don't need cameras to see that.
Phoenix: "I should have picked this game."
Cypher: "[playing chess] Winning requires sacrifice. Not really your style."
Cypher in Valorant - Episode 4 Cinematic
Bodies decompose after twelve hours in acid. There is no reason I know that.
They call me a monster. Shall I prove them right?
Even if I go out, I'll go out with a bang. Just promise you'll dance at my funeral, okay?
That snake lady is a joke. Brazil has real vipers. She's dumb.
Raze in Valorant - to Viper
Combat is a means to an end. And we are the means.
At some point maybe we accept the dream has become a nightmare. We tell ourselves that reality is better. We convince ourselves it's better that we never dream at all. But, the strongest of us, the most determined of us, holds on to the dream or we find ourselves faced with a fresh dream we never considered. We wake to find ourselves, against all odds, feeling hopeful. And, if we're lucky, we realize in the face of everything, in the face of life the true dream is being able to dream at all.
Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy - Season 3 Episode 23
This bow has taken men and beast alike. I have found there is little difference.
Their healer is nothing, I'll burn them faster than they can mend.
Sage, we're the perfect pair... you give life, I take it.
Another healer? Good. Now it's someone else's turn to answer requests.
Sage in Valorant - to Skye
Go ahead, call me tech support again!
Why did they bring Sage? Now they have to die twice, idiots.

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