The best Quotes by Emma Stone

The best Quotes by Emma Stone

Emily Jean "Emma" Stone (born November 6, 1988) is an American actress and producer. She appeared in a series of well-received teen comedy films, such as Superbad (2007), Zombieland (2009), and Easy A (2010), Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011), and the period drama The Help (2011).

Arizona is the worst place to spend the summer - it's like 125 degrees.
Just because I don't have a college degree doesn't mean I am not smart!
I really like grammar. And spelling. I was a spelling-bee kid. I'm hard-core about grammar.
Comedy's my first love. I love that so much. You play comedy in drama, too. The difference between genres doesn't really change the method of acting.
The roles that have come into my life have taught me - and in that time period maybe I didn't even know it, but whatever came up or whatever it is that you have to express at that time, has benefitted me in a particular way.
You know how sports teach kids teamwork and how to be strong and brave and confident? Improv was my sport. I learned how to not waffle and how to hold a conversation, how to take risks and actually be excited to fail.

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Jules: "You scratch our backs, we'll scratch yours."
Seth: "Well Jules, the funny thing about my back is that it's located on my cock."
Seth in Superbad
I'm sorry that I blocked your cock.
Officer Slater in Superbad
You don't want girls to think you suck dick at f*cking p*ssy.
Seth in Superbad
Becca: "I'm so wet right now."
Evan: "Yeah... they said that would happen in health class."
Evan in Superbad
Officer Michaels: "Yeah McLovin, how is it going with the ladies?"
Fogell: "It's not the 'going' I'm worried about... but the 'coming'."
Fogell in Superbad
I'd give my middle nut to start dating Becca.
Superbad (Evan)
Sharpening your pencils? Gettin' them nice and sharp? Hm? Sharpening them up? Look at you! Look at you! Oh! So sharp! Uh! Sharpening those pencils. Sharp sharp sharp sharp. Ooh! God that's sharp...!
Olive Penderghast in Easy A
Whatever happened to chivalry? Does it only exist in 80's movies? I want John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window. I wanna ride off on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me. I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me. Just once I want my life to be like an 80's movie.
Olive Penderghast in Easy A
Remember mad-cow-disease? Well, mad-cow-disease became mad-person-disease, which became mad-zombie-disease. It's a fast acting virus which left you angry, crazy, and with a strong case of the munches.
Columbus in Zombieland
Rule number one for surviving Zombieland: Cardio. When the virus struck, for obvious reasons, the first ones to go were the fatties.
Columbus in Zombieland
Little Rock: "Who's Bill Murray?"
Tallahassee: "I've never hit a kid before. I mean, that's like asking who Gandhi is."
Little Rock: "Who's Gandhi?"
Little Rock in Zombieland
It's amazing how quickly things can go from 'bad' to 'total shitstorm'.
Columbus in Zombieland
My mother always told me, 'someday you'll be good at somethin'.' Who'd have guessed that 'somethin'' would be 'zombie killin''?
Tallahassee in Zombieland
Tallahassee: "Out west, we hear it's back east. Back east, they hear it's out west. It's all just nonsense. You know, you're like a penguin on the North Pole who hears the South Pole is really nice this time of the year."
Columbus: "There are no penguins on the North Pole."
Tallahassee: "You wanna feel how hard I can punch?"
Tallahassee in Zombieland
That's L.A. They worship everything and they value nothing.
Sebastian Wilder in La La Land
Jazz is conflict and it's compromise, and it's new every time. It's brand new every night. It's very, very exciting. And it's dying. It's dying on the vine. And the world says, "Let it die. It had its time." Well, not on my watch!
Sebastian Wilder in La La Land
How are you gonna be a revolutionary if you're such a traditionalist? You hold onto the past, but jazz is about the future.
Keith in La La Land
I'm letting life hit me until it gets tired. Then I'll hit back. It's a classic rope-a-dope.
Sebastian Wilder in La La Land
People love what other people are passionate about.
Mia Dolan in La La Land
Mia: "I'm always gonna love you."
Sebastian: "I'm always gonna love you, too."
I have loved her even when I hated her... only married couples'll understand that one.
Liz: "Hot guy from the bar who hit on you is here."
Hannah: "Liz, I'm studying."
Liz: "You should be studying the ceiling of his bedroom!"
Jacob: "Are you Steve Jobs?"
Cal: "What?"
Jacob: "Are you the billionaire owner of Apple Computers?"
Cal: "No."
Jacob: "Oh, OK. In that case, you've got no right to wear New Balance sneakers, ever."
Jacob Palmer in Crazy, Stupid, Love.
I'm going to help you find your manhood. Do you have any idea where you might have lost it?
Jacob Palmer in Crazy, Stupid, Love.
I will never stop trying. Because when you find the one, you never give up.
Will you take off your shirt...- f-k! Seriously? It's like you're Photoshopped!
You know you're from Arizona when you feed your chickens ice cubes to keep them from laying hard-boiled eggs.
Welcome to Arizona, where summer spends the winter and hell spends the summer.
The people of Arizona, they've been very warm and welcoming.
In Arizona we salt margaritas, not sidewalks.
A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone.
Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones - Season 1 Episode 2
Elliot: "I'm not hiding, I was just looking for my... you know, the... I was looking for my dignity."
J.D.: "Did you find it?"
Elliot: "No. I must've left it at college."
Elliot Reid in Scrubs - Season 2 Episode 1
For the soul, laughing is what oxygen is for the lungs.
It's not about the absence of fear. It's overcoming it.
If there hadn't been women we'd still be squatting in a cave eating raw meat, because we made civilization in order to impress our girlfriends.
My philosophy is: It's none of my business what people say of me and think of me.
My father always said, "Never trust anyone whose TV is bigger than their book shelf" - so I make sure I read.
We think too much and feel too little.
If one does not attach himself to people and desires, never shall his heart be broken. But then, does he ever truly live?
One should judge a man mainly from his depravities. Virtues can be faked. Depravities are real.

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