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Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known professionally as Eminem, is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, record executive, and actor. Eminem is the best-selling artist of the 2000s in the United States. Throughout his career, he has had 10 number-one albums on the Billboard 200 and five number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100.

Eminem belongs to the following category: American Rappers

Quotes and lyrics by Eminem

These are my ideas, this is my sweat and tears
This is shit that I saw with my eyeballs, my ears

Eminem - Don't Push Me, Album: Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (by 50 Cent)

'Cause I’m movin' on, don’t worry about me
'Cause I’m gon' be just fine without you, you’ll see
There ain't no one on this Earth right now I’d much rather be
'Cause, goddamn it, I’m glad that I’m me

Eminem - Where I'm At, Album: H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger For More 2)

Fuckin' see why they call this bullshit a 'relationship' - ships sink
And you know it's love as soon as you fall in it, 'cause shit stinks
And it feels like everytime I fuckin' do I get jinxed
Cupid must have put a curse on me

Eminem - Where I'm At, Album: H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger For More 2)

It's a chess match, she's on his back like a jet-pack
She's kept track of all his Internet chats
And guess who just happens to be movin' on to the next
Actually, just shit on my last chick and she has what my ex lacks

Eminem - River, Album: Revival

As long as the wrong feels right, it's like I'm in flight
High off her love, drunk from her hate
It's like I'm huffin' paint
And I love her the more I suffer, I suffocate

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie, Album: Recovery

Somewhere deep down there's a decent man in me, he just can't be found.


I'm stupid, I'm ugly, I'm dumb, I smell. Did I mention I'm stupid?


I was a smart kid, but I hated school.


This whole country is going nuts
And the NRA is in our way
They’re responsible for this whole production
They hold the strings, they control the puppet

NRAEminem, 11.03.2018, iHeartRadio Music Awards

Doubts startin' to creep in, every day it's just so gray and black
Hope, I just need a ray of that
‘Cause no one sees my vision when I play it for ‘em
They just say it's wack, but they don’t know what dope is
And I don’t know if I was awake or asleep when I wrote this

WritingEminem - I Need A Doctor von Dr. Dre
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