The best Quotes from Downsizing

The best Quotes from Downsizing

Not a very successful species, these Homo Sapiens, even with such great intelligence. Barely 200,000 years. Alligator has survived 200 million years, with a brain the size of a walnut.

- Downsizing, by Dr. Jorgen AsbjørnsenHumanity

When you know death comes soon, you look around things more close.

- Downsizing, by Ngoc Lan TranLife, Death

Nature is such a patient sculptor - grinding a tiny bit each day slowly, slowly for thousands of years to make such a supremely beautiful thing.

- Downsizing, by Dr. Jorgen AsbjørnsenNature & Environment

Get out and open your eyes, this small world is filled with things to see.

- Downsizing, by Dusan MirkovicTraveling, Motivation

Okay, maybe sometimes I'm a little bit asshole, but the world needs assholes. Otherwise where would shit go out?

- Downsizing, by Dusan Mirkovic

Neighbors are friends. Friends tell friends the truth.

- Downsizing, by Dusan MirkovicFriendship, Neighbors