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Aye, I'm on vacation
Every single day cause I love my occupation
Aye, I'm on vacation
If you don't like your life, then you should go and change it

TikTokDirty Heads - Vacation, Album: SWIM TEAM

These people shouldn't change like the weather, man
People shouldn't change if they innocent
People act strange when it's getting hard to breathe
So let me be your oxygen

Dirty Heads - Oxygen, Album: Dirty Heads

Tears fall behind phone screens
Lonely hearts lead to bad dreams
Wish that I could be there for you
I hope that life will be fair for you

Dirty Heads - Celebrate, Album: SWIM TEAM

I want to take this trip, so I can taste your lips
And this weightlessness, outer space and kiss
And this maintenance on my face is bliss
Making love up in the moon tower just for kicks

Dirty Heads - Moon Tower, Album: Dirty Heads

Said I really wanna go outside today
Said I really wanna get real high today
So please don't catch up my vibe today
So please don't get in my eyes today

Dirty Heads - Diamonds & Pearls, Album: SWIM TEAM