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Pittsburgh! Thankful for the opportunity and the ability to live out my dream. Nothing but love! Quack!

Pittsburgh SteelersDevlin Hodges, January 2021

All you ever need in life is a opportunity. A chance. Rest depends on what you do with it.

Chances & OpportunitiesDevlin Hodges, May 2021

The nerves are still there. I might just do a better job at hiding them.

Devlin Hodges

It's awesome to have the fans come up and say, "Hey, Duck, what's up?" When people call me Devlin, it catches me by surprise.

Pittsburgh SteelersDevlin Hodges

The only traffic I had to deal with in Alabama was a tractor.

AlabamaDevlin Hodges

I'm excited for the opportunity to sign and be a part of the Rams.

Los Angeles RamsDevlin Hodges, January 2021

Elon gonna make Doge coin legit.

DogecoinDevlin Hodges, May 2021