The best Quotes by Daniel Craig

The best Quotes by Daniel Craig

Here you can find the best Quotes by Daniel Wroughton Craig, an English actor that is well-known for playing the role of James Bond in five Bond movies from 2006 - 2021.

If you have the power to eat alone in a restaurant, or sit alone in a cinema, then you have the power to do absolutely anything you want in life.
I worship Jürgen Klopp, so yes. He's a leader, he's kind of way beyond James Bond really.
October 2021, about whether Liverpool's Klopp should be the next Bond
As soon as someone tells me: 'You're rather sexy,' I wish I could disappear. If somebody says: 'You were voted the world's sexiest man,' I have no idea what that means. How do I respond? 'Thank you' is the best you can do. George Clooney is the world's sexiest man, anyway.
At some point, life starts to pass you by and becomes about avoidance. I want to stay clear from that situation, because I don't like that.
The idea of regretting not doing this seemed insane to me. Sitting in the corner at a bar at age 60, saying: 'I could've been Bond. Buy me a drink.' That's the saddest place I could be. At least now at 60 I can say: 'I was Bond. Now buy me a drink.'
You've got to live your life, you've got to enjoy it.
It's not like I was trying to be sexy but I had to get fit because I had to be able to do stunts. Also I wanted that, if Bond took his clothes off, he looked like a man who did what he did, which was kill people for a living. I thought the only way to do that was to work out and get fit and buff and get physically into shape.

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"People are islands," she said. "They don't really touch. However close they are, they're really quite separate. Even if they've been married for fifty years."
Ian Fleming in James Bond - Casino Royale
You only live twice:
Once when you are born
And once when you look death in the face
Ian Fleming in James Bond - You Only Live Twice
My name is Bond. James Bond.
I am a poet in deeds--not often in words.
Ian Fleming in James Bond - Goldfinger
Surround yourself with human beings, my dear James. They are easier to fight for than principles.
Ian Fleming in James Bond - Casino Royale
James Bond: "I was wrong about you."
Christmas Jones: "Yeah, how so?"
James Bond: "I thought Christmas only comes once a year."
James Bond in James Bond - The World Is Not Enough
Felicca: "You are very suspicious, Mr. Bond."
James Bond: "Oh, I find I live much longer that way."
James Bond in James Bond - Der Spion, der mich liebte
History isn't kind to men who play God.
James Bond in James Bond - No Time To Die
The world is arming fast than we can respond.
M in James Bond - No Time To Die
Madeleine Swann: "Why would I betray you?"
James Bond: "We all have our secrets. We just didn't get to yours yet."
James Bond in James Bond - No Time To Die
Xenia Onatopp: "Enjoy it while it lasts."
James Bond: "The very words I live by."
James Bond in James Bond - GoldenEye
Draco: "My apologies for the way you were brought here. I wasn’t sure you’d accept a formal invitation."
James Bond: "There’s always something formal about the point of a pistol."
James Bond in James Bond - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Boobs give us many useful things. Boobs give us milk, cheese... breasts nourish our young until the age where we can go out and hunt for them.
Birdie Jay: "I didn't even know that that word referred to Jewish people. I thought it was a generic term for 'cheap'."
Peg: "'Jewy'?"
He sends me his ideas that I'm supposed to...- You know what, you tell me: Genius or insanity?
"Uber for biospheres." I don't know. Okay. Maybe?
"AI in dogs equals discourse." Okay? I mean, all night long, they just keep...- But then, remember?
"Child equals NFT." We all laughed, but then the Crypto Kids app paid for this building.
Genius always looks like insanity at first.
My dear friends, my beautiful disruptors, my closest inner circle, we could use a moment of normalcy. And so you are cordially invited for a long weekend on my private island where we will celebrate the bonds that connect us, and I hope your puzzle-solving skills are whetted. Because you will also be competing to solve the mystery of my murder.
Everything is so woke these days, it's out of control.
Birdie: "This can't Shazam. It's a lamp!"
Claire: "I love you, Birdie."
Ladies and gentlemen, you expected a mystery. You expected a puzzle. But for one person on this island, this is not a game.
I will leave the club at the end of the season. I love absolutely everything about this club. I love everything about the city. I love everything about our supporters. I love the team. I love the staff. I love everything. I'm running out of energy. I know that I cannot do the job again and again.
Jürgen Klopp - January 2024
I stay for another two years. "Why?" is now the question... because Ulla wants to stay. And as a good husband, what are you doing when your wife wants to stay? You stay. That's not the only reason. I love our club and it's the best place to be.
Jürgen Klopp - April 2022
I would be a really bad James Bond. Because, if I walk out of the water in swim shorts, I think that would be the moment when the whole world would switch off.
Jürgen Klopp - October 2021
The only failure is not to try.
You never really learn much from hearing yourself talk.
Growing old on screen is not for the faint of heart.
Real loneliness is not necessarily limited to when you are alone.
In Italy, you know you've found a truly authentic restaurant when they don't have an English menu. In India, it's when there are no utensils and you must eat with your hands.
For the soul, laughing is what oxygen is for the lungs.
It's not about the absence of fear. It's overcoming it.
If there hadn't been women we'd still be squatting in a cave eating raw meat, because we made civilization in order to impress our girlfriends.
My philosophy is: It's none of my business what people say of me and think of me.
My father always said, "Never trust anyone whose TV is bigger than their book shelf" - so I make sure I read.
We think too much and feel too little.
If one does not attach himself to people and desires, never shall his heart be broken. But then, does he ever truly live?
One should judge a man mainly from his depravities. Virtues can be faked. Depravities are real.
I'm much more proud of being a father than being an actor.
I dream of a day where I walk down the street and hear people talk about Morality, Sustainibility and Philoshophy instead of the Kardashians.
It's easy to fool the eye but it's hard to fool the heart.
I never thought I'd see in my life a black candidate running for President.
You know, not only am I campaigning, but I'm running the world.
Joe Biden - Juli 2024

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