The best Quotes about the Dallas Mavericks

The best Quotes about the Dallas Mavericks

German friends that come visit always buy jerseys. I say, "hold on let me get a sharpie", and they say, "oh no. That's ok. This is actually Luka's. Do you mind getting it signed?"
Dirk Nowitzki - April 2022
This kid Luka is having some start to the season... let's go Mavs!
Dirk Nowitzki - November 2019
We're going to turn this team around 360 degrees.
As you guys might expect, this is my final home game, I put you guys on a heck of a ride with a lot of ups and downs in my career and you always supported me and I appreciate it.
I left Germany 20 years ago and I became a Texan.
Ten time all-star, 2007 league-MVP, 2011 finals-MVP.
One day soon we'll have a statue outside the AAC.
Without question, the greatest player in Maverick's history: Dirk Nowitzki.
Rick Carlisle (as coach for Dallas Mavericks) - NBA World Champion Ring Ceremony 2011

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You can leave Dallas, but it will never leave you.
As bright as the Dallas sky, she always holds her head up high.
I learned a lot I wouldn't have learned roaming the streets of Dallas.
I had been in so many towns and cities in America with John Kennedy, but I was not with him in Dallas, Texas, on November 21, 1963.
Walked into a restaurant yesterday and guy comes up and says: "Aren't you Rik Smits?"
Not quite but I appreciated his hoops knowledge…
Dirk Nowitzki - December 2023
I think the worst thing you can do as a shooter is to hesitate. You must keep believing the next one's going in.
I will always remember coming home after games so I could watch you dominate in the fourth quarter! You inspired so many around the world, including me.
Dirk Nowitzki - January 2020, about the death of Kobe Bryant
Came home from China to all these cameras at the airport. I thought to myself: "Man. I still got it!!" Turns out they were all there for zeke....
I always wanted to be a basketball player. Nothing more, nothing less.
Just had off season drug testing. Told the guy: Did you see me move last year?? If I was on something I need to change the product ASAP!!!
Dirk Nowitzki - July 2018
If you give it your all, there's nothing to blame yourself for.
Nothing to celebrate yet. We have to go down there and treat the next one like game 7.
Dirk Nowitzki - June 2011
Each individual has got to look themselves in the mirror and try and see what they can do better. Period. Point blank.
When I was a little kid I used to play with guys twice my age, so, I was the last one picked, so if I picked I knew that I had to get the ball to the scorer if I wanted to stay on the court, so that was pretty much my job.
There's always room for improvement. We have a nucleus that's pretty good. You want players that will help.
Yeah, I play a lot of their games. Going way back to Bulls vs. Lakers to the later Live stuff, I go at it quite a bit. More than anything tough, I play Madden.
We wanna play like there's no tomorrow. If we do that, I have no doubt in my mind, we can be successful.
I felt like calling attention to AIDS. I had the AIDS ribbon colored into my hair during the playoffs in '95.
I'll play the game for free, but you get paid for the bullshit after you leave the floor.
You got the great Michael Jordan, the great Scottie Pippen, the great Phil Jackson. But if you take me away from this team, do they still win a championship? I don't think so. I love Michael Jordan to death. I love Scottie Pippen, all these guys. But they really don't do the things that I do.
The only thing I command is respect.
I love the gym; I love basketball. I'm really passionate about it.
All I do is sit at home and watch Netflix.
My 13 year old just asked ChatGPT to write a trash talk about his buddy's favorite NFL team and texted it to him. Things have changed forever.
Mark Cuban - December 2022
I don't care what anyone says. Being rich is a good thing.
Whatever you are studying right now, if you are not getting up to speed on deep learning, neural networks, etc., you lose. We are going through the process where software will automate software, automation will automate automation.
If I'm able to get drafted by the New York Knicks, it would be a blessing.
Basketball isn't just a sport. It is an art, one that must be mastered to succeed.
No one is above the law, everybody ought to be held accountable.
The revolutions of the Arab Spring happened because people realized they were the power.
Walk until the darkness is a memory, and you become the sun on the next traveler's horizon.
Kobe Bryant in Training Camp
I stand with those who are calling out the ingrained racism and violence toward people of color in our country. We have had enough.
Michael Jordan - June 2020

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