Quotes and Voice-Lines by Cypher

Quotes and Voice-Lines by Cypher

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They're scared, I don't need cameras to see that.
Phoenix: "I should have picked this game."
Cypher: "[playing chess] Winning requires sacrifice. Not really your style."
Valorant - Episode 4 Cinematic
I've always wanted to pry my way in here. Don't mind if I just leave some... gifts behind.
Breach! I took a servo from your arms for my tripwire. Don't be angry.
I'll try to be even more poor next time. It'll be hard, but I'll try.
One of my cameras is broken! Oh wait… okay, it's fine.
Let's see what I have to use. Pictures of their children? Wow, way too dark.
Nothing stays hidden from me. Nothing.
I must survive to protect my family, I can't lose them, I can't feel that pain again.
Between you and me, Sova, there's nowhere they can hide. How fun...
You're dead and I didn't feel anything, not even a thrill.
Spend like there is no tomorrow, because there just might not be.

Quotes about Cypher

Cypher your homemade gadgets are so cute, remind me of some of my works in kindergarten.
You have such a way with information, Cypher. After this, let's trade notes.
Fade in Valorant - to Cypher
Cypher, stop bugging my gear with microphones! You're worse than Interpol!
Breach in Valorant - to Cypher
You've buried your secrets well, Cypher. But I am a hunter, and I will find them.
Sova in Valorant - to Cypher
Tell me where they are, Cypher. I'll take care of the rest.
Cypher, you collect information. Tell me, what are their dreams? What do they fear?
Viper in Valorant - to Cypher
Do you see under my hood, Cypher? Does it scare you?
Cypher, get their good side. We don't want to be rude.
Cypher, I am not kidding. If you take my picture, I will fry that thing. Just try me!
Be careful with my secrets, Cypher. It is better I think if we stay friends.
Cypher, you keep eyeing my hardware. Don't!
Cypher, your head is too high.
Astra in Valorant - to Cypher
That Cypher wants to watch us? Let him, we don't hide.
So they got a Cypher. He'll see what we want him to see.

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This bow has taken men and beast alike. I have found there is little difference.
Their Jett is fast! So are rabbits and squirrels. I hunt both.
Sova in Valorant - to Jett
My babushka told me not to brag. But for this I make an exception!
Sova in Valorant - on MVP
Trust me, they'll know what hit 'em.
Guns in my face? Just another Tuesday.
If that Sova thinks an arrow will stop me, he's got another thing coming... my fist!
Breach in Valorant - to Sova
Bodies decompose after twelve hours in acid. There is no reason I know that.
They call me a monster. Shall I prove them right?
Please stay alive... I hate making new friends.
That Yoru looks pissed all the time. Honestly, it's impressive.
Go ahead, call me tech support again!
Don't stress if I die, it was great knowing you all. Also, delete my hard-drive.
Make their fear your weapon... or use a gun, whichever.
Next time we'll use wooden sticks! Make it fair...
They fear death. They should fear so much more than that.
I am the beginning. I am the end.
Do not worry my radiant friends, I will unplug their talking toaster.
I bet you never seen a can opener do that.
A warrior is known by his deeds, not his mouth.
Astra in Valorant - to Phoenix
Even if I go out, I'll go out with a bang. Just promise you'll dance at my funeral, okay?
I can't get the settings menu on my display to turn off. How do I...? Oh. Got it.
You know how the game of chess is played. Pieces must be sacrificed!
Their healer is nothing, I'll burn them faster than they can mend.
Sage, we're the perfect pair... you give life, I take it.

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