Quotes and Lyrics by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Quotes and Lyrics by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Crosby, Stills & Nash (CSN) was a folk rock supergroup made up of American singer-songwriters David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and English singer-songwriter Graham Nash. When joined by Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young as a fourth member, they were called Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (CSNY).

Fear is the lock and laughter the key to your heart.
Suite: Judy Blues Eyes, Album: Miscellaneous Album

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I've always been a very careful sailor. I know, me and being careful - doesn't really sound right, does it? But when I sail, I take it seriously and take along spares for everything. You have to be careful when you're 1,500 miles from land. There's no one you can call. You're on your own.
I don't like greed, I don't like ignorance. I really don't like anger. But I love love.
Norah Jones is a breath of fresh air. Norah Jones can sing and play. She's got some talent. I was totally ecstatic that that girl got noticed, because she's wonderful.
I come from a school of people, folk singers, and the tradition there is troubadours, and you're carrying a message. Now admittedly, our job is partly just to make you boogie, just make you want to dance. Part of our job is to take you on a little voyage, tell you a story.
I'm older than I'd like and I'm creaky, but I'm doing alright.
It's better to burn out, than to fade away.
Live music is better.
Rock and roll is here to stay.
Something comes along and you have to jump on and do it. You can't stop until it's done.
As you go through life, you've got to see the valleys as well as the peaks.
There are three things men can do with women: love them, suffer for them, or turn them into literature.
Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney has been inside the bubble all his life. He has no idea what's going on here. He has no idea how destructive Bush's eight years were to this country.
David knew everyone because he's such a social butterfly.
A commercial is a commercial.
You slow down when you get older.
My son Jack once said to me, "Dad, do you think people are laughing with you or at you?"
I said, "I don't care as long as they're laughing."
For the soul, laughing is what oxygen is for the lungs.
There's a lot of money to be made in scaring people.
Admitting your fears is the first and most difficult step in overcoming them.

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