COVID-19 - The funniest Corona-jokes

Here you can find the funniest Jokes and Sayings about the Coronavirus that broke out in 2019. On thyQuotes you can find a constantly updated list of Quotes from politicians about the Coronavirus.

COVID-19 - The funniest Corona-jokes

The last person that was excited about a check with Donald Trump's name on it was Stormy Daniels.

- Oliver Welke in heute-show, Sendung vom 24.04.2020Donald Trump, Corona-Jokes

Okay, I'm bored in the house and I’m in the house bored
Bored in the house and I'm in the house bored
Bored than a motherfucker, in the house bored
And I'm bored than a motherfucker, in the house bored

- Curtis Roach - Bored In The HouseCorona-Jokes, TikTok

I imagined the Apocalypse with zombies and pumpguns, not with washing hands and staying at home.

- UnknownCorona-Jokes

Remember last week when your grocery list wasn't just 'GRAB WHATEVER IS LEFT'?

- Taylor Tomlinson (American Comedian), via TwitterCorona-Jokes

We are looking at the biggest economic crash since 1970.

And thanks to closed barber-shops, we'll soon look like the 70s again.

- Oliver Welke in heute-showCorona-Jokes, 70s

Crazy times we're living in. I used to cough to hide a fart, now I'm farting to hide a cough.

- UnknownFunny Quotes, Corona-Jokes

My cat is really annoyed by me, now that I hang around in her apartment all day.

- UnknownCats, Corona-Jokes

The government just decided: Every houshold hoarding more than 10 rolls of toilet paper is from now on regarded as a public toilet.

- UnknownCorona-Jokes

Many people didn't know, that just before the end, dinosaurs met each other at asteroid parties.

- UnknownCorona-Jokes

Why is there a shortage of toilet paper in times of Corona?
If someone sneezes, everyone around him shits their pants.

- UnknownCorona-Jokes

Pop in COD on the PS4
Tell the bitch chill like refrigerator doors
We can heat up some ramen, can't go to the store
Can't even go on tour

- Tyga - Bored In The HouseCorona-Jokes

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