The best Quotes from Cold Case

The best Quotes from Cold Case

Cold Case is an American police procedural crime drama television series. It ran on CBS from September 28, 2003, to May 2, 2010. The series revolved around a fictionalized Philadelphia Police Department division that specializes in investigating cold cases.

Nick Vera: "What's wrong with my car?"
Will Jeffries: "Nothing if you like being single."
Rodney: "Looks awfully young to be one of my customers."
Nick Vera: "Come on, Rodney, you'd sell to a toddler if they had the cash."
Nick Vera: "Maybe this Benny guy started the fire."
John Stillman: "Yeah, right after he got shot in the face."
Nick Vera: "Good point."
Lilly Rush: "Garbage dump?"
Nick Vera: "You don't mind a little dirt, do you, Rush?"
Lilly Rush: "I hang around you, don't I?"
Lilly Rush - Season 1
Lily Rush: "From 1983."
Nick Vera: "An '83 case can wait. Come on, Lily."
Lily Rush: "No, it can't. It waited long enough."
Lilly Rush - Season 1
Rob Deemer: "I didn't know there were girls on the line."
Lilly Rush: "There's one."
Randy Price: "I told you it was good."
Lilly Rush: "So why didn't you let the cops know about it back then?"
Randy Price: "I wouldn't have profited from that. I was saving it for a rainy day."
Lilly Rush: "And now it's pouring."
Nick Vera: "Two years in the lockup for putting steppops in a coma?"
Mad Mo: "Those records are supposed to be sealed."
Nick Vera: "Don't worry, we taped them back up."
Why do women always have high hopes for men that want to kill them?
Season 1
Nick Vera: "Rush, your boyfriend's downstairs."
Lily Rush: "I'm single. You sure it's not your boyfriend?"
Lilly Rush - Season 1
Gwen Deemer: "Why should I trust you, huh? I don't even know you!"
Lily Rush: "No, you don't, because if you did, you'd know I was just getting started."
Lilly Rush - Season 1
Dr. McKenzie: "Fit as a fiddle. You got your hearing, you got your vision, and you got your looks."
Nick Vera: "I can see why you're so popular around the station."
Dr. McKenzie: "Just promise me you'll eat an apple once in a while, all right?"
Nick Vera: "Scout's honor."
A triple murder gets you a date with the needle real quick.

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Philadelphia is a hard working city. It's a blue-collar city and we tend to think that's the type of team we have. We got tough guys everywhere, we have guys who give it up for each other everywhere.
Nick Sirianni - January 2023, on the Eagles' NFC title
Philadelphia, baby. You're gonna love it. Best sports fans in the world. Actually the worst, but that's what makes 'em the best.
Stanley Sugerman in Hustle
In Boston they ask, how much does he know? In New York, how much is he worth? In Philadelphia, who were his parents?
You can leave Philadelphia, but it will never leave you.
Tao Xu: "If he is even slightly mean to you...-"
Charlie: "'ll murder him."
Tao Xu: "I was going to say I'd send him a strongly worded DM, but murder's fine too."
Tao Xu in Heartstopper - Season 1 Episode 5

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