The best Quotes by Christopher Lloyd

The best Quotes by Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Allen Lloyd (born October 22, 1938) is an American actor. He is known for portraying Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy (1985–1990) and Jim Ignatowski in the comedy series Taxi (1978–1983). He made his cinematic debut in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) and went on to star as Commander Kruge in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984), Professor Plum in Clue (1985), Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Uncle Fester in The Addams Family (1991), Switchblade Sam in Dennis the Menace (1993), Mr. Goodman in Piranha 3D (2010), Bill Crowley in I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016) and David Mansell in Nobody (2021).

Time travel is a fantasy we all have. The 'Back to the Future' series really exploits that wish.
It was 1976, and I was acting off-Broadway with a pair of Canadians: Victor Garber and Gale Garnett. The play was called 'Cracks,' and Martin Sherman, the man who wrote it, went on a few years later to have a giant hit with 'Bent.' But not this time around. Opening night was a disaster.
Every role I get is always a challenge. I can read a script and say, 'Oh, I can do that!' and then when I start working on it, I suddenly realize that I had no idea what I was getting into. Then I have to really work hard!
We were all such odd characters, even though we were a really functional family, in a way, as eccentric and crazy as we were. And it was such a wonderful feeling amongst us of being a family almost. We were "The Addams Family!"
There's something overwhelming about being in raw nature. It's got an aura about it is that is really kind of majestic and spiritual.

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Doc Brown: "Tell me, Future Boy, who's President of the United States in 1985?"
Marty: "Ronald Reagan."
Doc Brown: "Ronald Reagan? The actor? Ha! Then who's Vice President, Jerry Lewis?"
Marty, the future isn't written. It can be changed... you know that. Anyone can make their future whatever they want it to be.
If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.
Come on, Doc, it's not science. When it happens, it just hits you. It's like lightning!
Time traveling is just too dangerous. Better that I devote myself to study the other great mystery of the universe: Women!
You future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one, both of you!
Biff Tannen: "That's about as funny as a screen door on a battleship."
Marty McFly: "Screen door on a submarine, you dork."
There's that word again, "heavy". Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?
Marty McFly: "Calvin? Why do you keep calling me Calvin?"
Lorraine Baines: "Well, that is your name, isn't it? Calvin Klein? It's written all over your underwear."
Chuck! It's Marvin. Your cousin, Marvin Berry! You know that new sound you lookin' for? Well, listen to this!
Amanda: "I'll buy a cup if you buy a box of my delicious Girl Scout cookies."
Wednesday: "Are they made from real Girl Scouts?"
Gomez: "He has my father's eyes."
Morticia: "Gomez, take those out of his mouth."
Morticia Addams in The Addams Family - Addams Family Values
Morticia: "Wednesday's at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind."
Grandmother: "Boys?"
Wednesday: "Homocide."
Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family - Addams Family Values
Uncle Fester: "Your first cigar!"
Gomez: "What? Come on, old man, I've smoked since I was 5 - Mother insisted."
Wednesday: "Pass the salt."
Morticia: "And what do we say?"
Wednesday: "Now!"
Don't torture yourself, Gomez - that's my job.
Look at her. I would die for her. I would kill for her. Either way, what bliss.
Living under this roof is all the torment you'll need. Besides, our parents have made it clear that the only way to be accepted in this family is to be exactly like them. I can't play by those rules anymore.
Morticia: "How was school?"
Pugsley: "Terrible. Especially history."
Wednesday: "Yeah, they never tell us anything interesting. Like, how many heads they chopped off in the French Revolution."
Gomez: "Children, why do you hate the baby?"
Pugsley: "We don't hate him. We just want to play with him."
Wednesday: "Especially his head."
Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family - Addams Family Values
The good news is, Luke has his bike.
More good news, I taught some random kid a valuable lesson by stealing his bike.
Phil Dunphy in Modern Family - Season 1 Episode 3
Sometimes I don't know if I love how much I fear Claire, or fear how much I love her.
Phil Dunphy in Modern Family - Season 5 Episode 1
Jay: "I got you a little gift to celebrate. I know it’s not much...-"
Gloria: "It’s practically nothing!"
Gloria Pritchett in Modern Family - Season 6 Episode 22
Mitchell: "We didn't just go to Vietnam for pleasure. We kinda have some big news."
Jay: "Oh God, if Cam comes out there with boobs, I'm leaving."
Jay Pritchett in Modern Family - Season 1 Episode 1
Phil: "What a beautiful dress."
Gloria: "Thank you, Phil."
Phil: "Oh, okay."
Claire: "Phil! She said Phil, not feel!"
Claire Dunphy in Modern Family - Season 1 Episode 1
Mitchell: "It's been five years now and he still does this thing were he announces himself before walking into any room we're in, just to make sure he doesn't ever see us kiss."
Cameron: "Wish my mother had that system. Remember?"
Cameron Tucker in Modern Family - Season 1 Episode 1
Phil: "Little heads up - there's no way I'm not crying at this wedding."
Claire: "Phil, you cried on the way here."
Phil: "I was on the brink already. I watched 'Dirty Dancing' before we left."
Phil Dunphy in Modern Family - Season 5 Episode 1
They was givin' me 10,000 watts a day, you know, and I'm hot to trot. The next woman takes me on's gonna light up like a pinball machine and pay off in silver dollars.
If Mr. McMurphy doesn't want to take his medication orally, I'm sure we can arrange that he can have it some other way.
Man, when you lose your laugh you lose your footing.
He knows that you have to laugh at the things that hurt you just to keep yourself in balance, just to keep the world from running you plumb crazy.
They can't tell so much about you if you got your eyes closed.
Which one of you nuts has got any guts?
Good writin' ain't necessarily good readin'.
For poetry, more than any other art, except music, has a compelling hold upon the spiritual side of life.
For the soul, laughing is what oxygen is for the lungs.
It's not about the absence of fear. It's overcoming it.
If there hadn't been women we'd still be squatting in a cave eating raw meat, because we made civilization in order to impress our girlfriends.
My philosophy is: It's none of my business what people say of me and think of me.
My father always said, "Never trust anyone whose TV is bigger than their book shelf" - so I make sure I read.
We think too much and feel too little.
If one does not attach himself to people and desires, never shall his heart be broken. But then, does he ever truly live?
One should judge a man mainly from his depravities. Virtues can be faked. Depravities are real.
I'm much more proud of being a father than being an actor.
I dream of a day where I walk down the street and hear people talk about Morality, Sustainibility and Philoshophy instead of the Kardashians.

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