The best Quotes from Chicago Fire

The best Quotes from Chicago Fire

Disappoint someone - whatever. And disappoint the world. But never disappoint yourself!
Benny Severide - Season 1 Episode 13
It's my job as an old firefighter to teach the young firefighters how to become old ones.
Promise to be there for each other - always!
Leslie Shay - Season 3 Episode 1
A crow wanted to be a peacock. So he put on colored feathers, went over to the peacock yard. But, the peacocks, they plucked them all away. So the crow, he tried to get back with the crows. They wanted nothing to do with him.
You want greater Chicago to know your business, make sure you tell Leslie Shay.
Gabby Dawson - Season 1 Episode 9
Dark skies don't always mean rain.
Christopher Herrmann - Season 3 Episode 8
You're both supposed to be leaders here. Lead by example!
Wallace Boden - Season 1 Episode 1
Truth always comes out for the innocent.
Kelly Severide - Season 5 Episode 6
Brett: "We belong together."
Casey: "We do."
Brett: "We're right for each other."
Casey: "We are."
Brett: "When you know, you know."
Casey: "You do."
Brett: "I'm in love with you."
You have a choice. You can either choose to be in a bad mood, or you can decide to be happy.
Gabby Dawson - Season 1 Episode 22
There isn't a single man I've served with who hasn't been brought to his knees by what he's seen on the job.
Kidd: "You're wonderful, you know that?"
Severide: "I love you, Stella Kidd."
Herrmann: "This is that baby book I was telling you about. Lots of good stuff. Swaddling, soothing."
Shay: "Thanks, Herrmann. Hey do you know if it says anything about sleep schedules?"
Herrmann: "I didn't read it."
Christopher Herrmann - Season 1 Episode 15
Headquarters called. Exam results are in. So I'm gonna need a round for the house, lieutenant!
Leaders lead from the front.
Wallace Boden - Season 1 Episode 3
A hero's not somebody who's unafraid, it's the guy who's scared and does what's right anyway
Matt Casey - Season 4 Episode 19
Your Casey is out there, but you don't have to change who you are to find him.
Gabby Dawson - Season 5 Episode 13
You know you're in trouble when Kelly Severide thinks you're in trouble.
You can always take my word at face value.
Casey: "Rumors floating around you're gonna box in the 'Drop a Cop'. Fight that guy who slept with your first wife."
Boden: "It was my second wife and she's his problem now, not mine, so no I'm not boxing."
Wallace Boden - Season 1 Episode 1
I am a firefighter and I will always be a firefighter.
Peter Mills - Season 2 EpisodeĀ 10
When a stranger does a kindness for you, you look them in the eye and say "thank you".
Season 6 Episode 20
When Andy died, without even realizing it, I found myself needing to be around people acting normal just to get my frame of reference back, pull myself out of the hole I was in.
Benny Severide - Season 1 Episode 23

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Experience has taught me that wishful thinking only leads to disappointment.
Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time

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