The best Quotes by Chen-Lu

The best Quotes by Chen-Lu

Men are always peeing without any consideration for the bushes.

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It is our responsibility to create the world of the future. Your responsibility. You are the creators of tomorrow.
Tanja Lorenz in Biohackers - Season 1 Episode 1
We will make God obsolete.
It makes me happy when I make a discovery no one has made before. When I find new methods no one has ever explored. When my research heals thousands of people who otherwise would have died.
Synthetic biology turns us from creatures to creators. It's not just the future of medicine, but the future of mankind. We can prevent diseases before they break out. Provide equal opportunity beyond borders and social classes. Eradicate genetic disorders. Or all of mankind, if we don't do our jobs well.
They're exhausting to inflate, they scare the shit out of you when they pop, and uninflated they just look like a pile of clown-condoms.
John Oliver in Last Week Tonight - Boeing
Lip: "Hey, whoa. You really think they deserve your hard-earned money for that service?"
Frank: "Dine and dash?"
Lip: "Bite and bolt."
Frank: "Eat it and beat it?"
Shameless - Season 3 Episode 12
What can I say, once you go white, you always stay tight. Hey, I think I just insulted myself.
Kevin Ball in Shameless - Season 3 Episode 12
Frank: "What did they get you for again?"
"Beat my ex-wife to death with a telephone."
Frank': "Cordless or landline?"
Frank Gallagher in Shameless - Season 3 Episode 12
Been sleeping in this car six years. Pissed, puked, jizzed in it. By law of bodily fluids, it's mine.
Shameless - Season 3 Episode 11
I have red hair, freckles and crooked teeth. I don't need any more character!
Debbie Gallagher in Shameless - Season 3 Episode 10
Debs, we need at least one person in this family to not turn cynical, and my money's been on you.
Phillip Gallagher in Shameless - Season 3 Episode 10

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