Quotes and Sayings about Chanel

Quotes and Sayings about Chanel

Santa can't always give a child what they want. 'Cause the child will grow up, become an adult, and realize that a Chanel bag costs a month's wage for most people. Which is the result of just a few people having far too much money.
Alex - The Santa in Julestorm - A Storm for Christmas - Season 1 Episode 2
The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.
A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.
A woman with good shoes is never ugly.
This is f*cking paradise, man. You smell that? Chicks piss Chanel here.
Christian Varela Expósito in Élite - Season 1 Episode 1
Wrap me up in Chanel inside my coffin
Might go to hell and there ain't no stopping
Might be a sinner and I might be a saint
I'd like to be proud but somehow I'm ashamed
The Neighbourhood - R.I.P. 2 My Youth, Album: Wiped Out!
Big daddy, have you ever felt Chanel fabrics?
I be drippin' to death, I need a casket
And we got more stripes than the ref, he foul, TEC him
In the middle of the field like David Beckham
Offset - ZEZE, Album: Dying to Live (von Kodak Black)
Baby gave me mad face without the attitude
She gon' do it all for Chanel and Jimmy Choo
I'm the type to spend a bag on a handbag
Doesn't mean that we involved, she just gotta brag
Blueface - Daddy, Album: Dirt Bag
All I need is my Chanel dress, my Louboutins, and some red lipstick.
I think it'd be better for everyone, including my immune system, if I just keep on wearing what I'm wearing and not the apron, 'cause this is Chanel.
Caroline Channing in 2 Broke Girls - Season 1 Episode 1

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Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
I'm like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear: So I wear jeans.
Supermodels... heh! Nothing super about them. Spoiled, stupid little stick figures with poofy lips who think only about themselves.
Edna Mode in The Incredibles
Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress.
Nobody can reinvent fashion. The only thing you can do is interpret the styles of the past in your own unique way.
Some victories are merely defeat wearing the wrong clothing.
Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today!
Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.
Good clothing is a passport for happiness.
Fashion is not about a concept. It's about looking beautiful.
Pierre Cadault in Emily in Paris - Season 1 Episode 9
I don't design clothes, I design dreams.
Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.
Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you.
Fashion starts with fashionable people.
In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
A woman can be gorgeous at 19, charmimg at 29, but only at 39 she is irresistible for the rest of her life. And no woman that has been irresistible, ever turns older than 39.
Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.
Women need to be beautiful to be loved by men, and stupid enough to love them.
Carla: "This is the chance of a lifetime."
Christian: "Sounds like a shitty life. If it means that I have to betray my brother, then that life's worth nothing!"
Christian Varela Expósito in Élite - Season 2 Episode 1
Christian: "What else is against the rules?"
Nadia: "Drinking, smoking, doing drugs..."
Christian: "...so basically all the fun stuff."
Christian Varela Expósito in Élite - Season 1 Episode 1
I'm truly saddened by the death of Her Majesty, The Queen. What an outpouring of love and respect we saw for the Platinum Jubilee for her life of service. How devastated we all feel today shows what she has meant to people in this country and around the world.
David Beckham - September 2022
In my career, there's many things I've won and many things I've achieved, but for me, my greatest achievement is my children and my family. It's about being a good father, a good husband, just being connected to family as much as possible.
Not my idea to play Star Wars music for an hour. Real music isn't written for spaceships and rockets. It's written in blood, sweat, and tears.
Arthur in Julestorm - A Storm for Christmas - Season 1 Episode 2
Haven't Luke Skywalker and Santa Claus affected your lives more than most real people in this room? I mean, whether Jesus is real or not, he's had a bigger impact on the world than any of us have. And the same could be said of Bugs Bunny... and Superman and Harry Potter. They've changed my life, changed the way I act on the Earth. Doesn't that make them kind of real?
Kyle Broflovski in South Park - Season 11 Episode 12
A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.
Dude, I don't want to talk about Lacey's prom shoes. And I'll tell you why: I have this thing that makes me really uninterested in prom shoes. It's called a penis.
Ander: "How much did he drink?"
Lucrecia: "I don't know, Ander, all of it. Only thing he didn't drink is the water in the pool."
Lucrecia Montesinos Hendrich in Élite - Season 2 Episode 2
I don't know what to believe
All I wanna do is leave
What can I say that would make you see, make you need me?
Maybe I won't ever know, maybe I'll end up alone
The Neighbourhood - Wiped Out!, Album: Wiped Out!
How I grew up, my momma was my dad
So when I blew up I put her in a pad
Offset - Red Room, Album: FATHER OF 4
Holy moly
40 leave him like a donut
Pull up and shoot like Ginóbili
Can't wear the Rollie without the pollie
Blueface - Holy Moly, Album: Find the Beat
I love to photograph the gorgeous landscapes when I travel.
Robbie: "I'm Robbie."
Caroline: "I'm uncomfortable. You're getting me wet."
Robbie: "That's the point."
Caroline Channing in 2 Broke Girls - Season 1 Episode 1
Twitter is stupid and Instagram is Twitter for people who can't read.
Max Black in 2 Broke Girls - Season 2 Episode 2
Guzmán: "Because she supports me. Unconditionally."
Nadia: "That isn't love, it's devotion, like you would have for a God. People who love you tell you the truth."
Nadia Shana in Élite - Season 2 Episode 1
You have his last name don't you? I'm sure it'll open tons of doors for you. If the price is a couple of dirty looks, then you're getting off easy.
Fernando García Domínguez in Élite - Season 1 Episode 3
You gotta stop making everyone choose sides in this, because you'll end up alone on yours.
Ander Muñoz in Élite - Season 2 Episode 1
She was a bright light. Marina was one of those people that you look for on a bad day, because you know her smile will turn your day around.
Guzmán Osuna in Élite - Season 1 Episode 2
Lies are exactly what people tell to make life more bearable. To avoid pain and suffering and hurting people.
Marina Nunier Osuna in Élite - Season 1 Episode 5

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