Quotes and Sayings about Camping

Quotes and Sayings about Camping

My wife says, "Camping is a tradition in my family". It was a tradition in everyone's family, til we invented the house!
Camping is just being homeless... without the change.
Summer Smith in Rick and Morty - Season 4 Episode 9
The real significance of wilderness is a cultural matter. It is far more than hunting, fishing, hiking, camping or canoeing; it has to do with the human spirit.
Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can and camping to accept the things I can't.

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What began as a common desire to secure wilderness for people to enjoy, has become a worldwide movement to preserve these areas for future generations. They're a place to escape the burdens of everyday life and an inspiration for our children. They're a haven for endangered species and a hotbed for scientific research.
Our Great National Parks - Season 1 Episode 1
Nature's creative power is far beyond man's instinct of destruction.
Nature has to be felt.
We are not to tell Nature what she's gotta be! She's clever. She's always got better imagination than we have.
We like to spend time in nature because it won't judge us.
For observing nature, the best pace is a snail's pace.
The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it.
Nature gives so much more than it asks for in return.
Nature's my religion. Earth's my church. Loving every creature is my belief.
These creatures require our absence to survive, not our help. And if we could only step aside and trust in nature, life will find a way.
John Hammond in Jurassic Park - The Lost World
Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries.
I'm very inspired by nature - you could say Mother Nature. I look at things around me and get all kinds of inspiration daily.
If you can't be in awe of Mother Nature, there's something wrong with you.
Nature doesn't need people - people need nature; nature would survive the extinction of the human being and go on just fine, but human culture, human beings, cannot survive without nature.
Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.
Nature is such a patient sculptor - grinding a tiny bit each day slowly, slowly for thousands of years to make such a supremely beautiful thing.
Dr. Jorgen Asbjørnsen in Downsizing
Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye... it also includes the inner pictures of the soul.
Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
Colors are the smiles of nature.
We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us.
Standing on soil feels so much different than standing on city pavement; it lets you look inward and reflect and see who you really are, while you see a beautiful, unspoiled land as far as the eye can see. It allows your inner life to grow.
The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.
It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.
Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.
The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?
Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.
In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.
Oh my god, it's disgusting... actually, it tastes really good... oh my god, it's disgusting that it tastes good.
Summer Smith in Rick and Morty - Season 6 Episode 2
No voting, no debate. It's not a democracy - it's a Rickpublic!
Summer Smith in Rick and Morty - Season 5 Episode 6
Summer: "It is a hot photo. I think grief flushes her cheeks. Dad, you hardly put any sirup on."
Beth: "Honey, stop raising your father's colesterol so you can take a hot funeral selfie."
Summer: "I never get to do anything."
Summer Smith in Rick and Morty - Season 4 Episode 1
If I wanted the government in my house, I'd buy Alexa.
Rick Sanchez in Rick and Morty - Season 6 Episode 10
Kid, I'm a writer that wrote something successful, so if you want me to give it up, you're gonna need a black belt or a big pair of t*ts.
Jan in Rick and Morty - Season 6 Episode 7
Welcome to life. It's a big boat with a lot of holes, but we're all in it together.
Rick Sanchez in Rick and Morty - Season 6 Episode 6
You're both young, you're both unsure about your place in the universe, and you both want to be Grandpa's favorite. I can fix this. Morty, sit here. Summer, you sit here. Now, listen - I know the two of you are very different from each other in a lot of ways, but you have to understand that as far as Grandpa's concerned, you're both pieces of sh-! Yeah, I can prove it mathematically. Actually, l-l-let me grab my whiteboard. This has been a long time coming, anyways.
Rick Sanchez in Rick and Morty - Season 2 Episode 1
Jerry: "I wanted to ask if it's okay with you if I make myself throw up the cookie."
Beth: "If it makes you feel better and you can do it quietly, yes, but don't hand that advice down to summer."
Beth Smith in Rick and Morty - Season 6 Episode 6
Summer: "I think it's in our best interest to work as a team."
Morty: "Yeah, most people would call that 'family'."
Morty Smith in Rick and Morty - Season 5 Episode 4
If a guy tells you how many girls he's hooked up with, it's not even close to that. You take that number and divide it by three, then you get the real total. OK, so if Kevin is saying it's been three girls it's more like one or none. The rule of three. It's an exact science. Consistent as gravity.
Richard, you have desecrated the sacred treaty betwixt land and sea. Now face the wrath of your once and eternal foe - Mr. Nimbus!
Mr. Nimbus in Rick and Morty - Season 5 Episode 1

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