Quotes and Lyrics by Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin was an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor in film and television. He performed jazz, pop, rock and roll, folk, swing, and country music. He started his career as a songwriter for Connie Francis.

The best Song Quotes

Spirit in the heart make the blood flow fast
Spirit in the heart make the beauty last
Keep the hope alive when the youth go past

Bobby Darin - Similau

We'll meet beyond the shore
We'll kiss just as before
Happy we'll be beyond the sea
And never again I'll go sailing

Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea, Album: The Bobby Darin Story

Dream lover, where are you
With a love, oh, so true
And the hand that I can hold
To feel you near as I grow old

Bobby Darin - Dream Lover, Album: The Bobby Darin Story