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We will work to ensure that the Democratic nominee is successful in defeating Donald Trump in 2020. I can tell you firsthand from having the chance to know the candidates, we will be well served by any one of them, and I’m going to be proud to support whoever she or he is.

Beto O'Rourke, November 2019

I can think of nothing more American than to peacefully stand up or take a knee for your rights - anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

USA, American FootballBeto O'Rourke

I think competition always produces better results than a monopoly.

Economy, CapitalismBeto O'Rourke

I think for some, the very wealthiest among us, for corporations, taxes are too low.

TaxesBeto O'Rourke

In the age of Trump, we need to be aware of emotional rhetoric and its power regardless of whether or not it's based in fact.

Donald Trump, FactsBeto O'Rourke

There is no excuse for making disrespectful and demeaning comments about women.

Women, FeminismBeto O'Rourke