Quotes and Sayings about Bayern Munich

Quotes and Sayings about Bayern Munich

Entdecke die inspirierendsten Zitate und Sprüche über den FC Bayern München! Tauche ein in die Welt des erfolgreichsten deutschen Fußballclubs aller Zeiten und lass dich von ihrer Leidenschaft mitreißen!

Bayern Munich's crowning achievement came with a 1-0 victory over Paris Saint-Germain in the UEFA Champions League final in Lisbon. Kingsley Coman, a Parisian and former PSG prospect, scored early in the second half. Manuel Neuer, the brilliant goalkeeper, made sure the lead stood up.
(The Washington Post) - August 2020, about Bayern Munich winning the Champions League
Winning against Bayern Munich can't be anticipated, that makes them extra special.
Martin Schmidt (as sport director at Mainz 05) - April 2021
Serge Gnabry's double sinks Lyon. The Bayern Munich juggernaut rolls on. He made the difference to set up a mouthwatering final with Paris Saint-Germain on Sunday and leave Hansi Flick dreaming of the perfect finale to his debut season as the Bayern manager.
The Guardian - August 2020
What am I supposed to say about that? I'm a goalkeeper.
Manuel Neuer (as player at Bayern Munich) - December 2019, about making use of goal opportunities at Bayern Munich
When you sign with Bayern Munich, the contract says that you have to win the German Championship.
There's no team in the whole world, that drives to Munich and thinks: "We're gonna win this for sure."
Jürgen Klopp (as coach for Borussia Dortmund) - about Bayern Munich
FC Bayern is a great club, one of the best in the world, and it's enormous motivation for me to now play alongside these extraordinary players in a team. I know that this club, this team lives for titles and wins titles every year. I'm also driven by the hunger for success. I'll give my best for FC Bayern.
João Cancelo - February 2023
We're playing in this very, very cool arena where Bayern Munich plays, kind of the country's top soccer team, and it looks amazing in pictures. The chance to go across to another country, play a sport that I love... there's 3 million ticket requests for 67,000 seats. So the place is gonna be rocking and if it's anything like what I see in those German Bundesliga games this is gonna be one of the most epic games that we've ever played in. So I'm super excited.
Tom Brady - November 2022, about Bucs v. Seahawks in Munich
It's harder to defend the Champions League than to win it, because everyone is chasing FC Bayern right now. We're currently seen as the best team in the world - that means we're the team everyone wants to beat.
Bayern Munich is a football club not Amnesty International.
Uli Hoeneß - October 2022, to criticism about a sponsoring deal with Qatar
My target is simple. One of my biggest dream is to win all the titles. When you play for Bayern Munich, you have to win titles.
Sadio Mané - July 2022
The Bavarian attitude to life suits me perfectly. Why? Bayerns motto is Mia san mia, We are who we are and I am who I am: confident, arrogant, dominant, honest, hard-working and innovative.
Louis van Gaal (as coach at Bayern Munich)
I have to prove myself at Bayern Munich.
Leroy Sané - January 2021
At a club like Bayern Munich you have to prove yourself in every training.
This year we only won the championship.
Hansi Flick (as coach at Bayern Munich) - May 2021, one year after winning the triple with FCB
I'm leaving RB Leipzig with a heavy heart. I was always interested in becoming coach for Bayern Munich when the opportunity arises.
Julian Nagelsmann - April 2021
Bayern is a big club and a big brand, but on a daily basis, it's a family club. You get to know the physios, the kit man, the chefs. It's also a club that's very close to the supporters. That proximity to the fans makes it special.
I expect to end my career on the highest level at Bayern Munich.
Robert Lewandowski - March 2021
I have to say that this team is incredible, from the players to the staff. It was a weird and new situation to everyone but we adapted to it in the best possible way and we continued and didn't stop working for a second. Biggest respect to everyone involved - we deserve this title, and my biggest thanks to our fans that supported us even in the toughest days this year.
Jérôme Boateng - August 2020, about winning the triple with FC Bayern Munich
I don't regret leaving Bayern Munich. I am convinced it was the correct step for me.
I'll never go to Bavaria, that's for sure. That would be too hard for the Dortmund fans. No matter what they offer me, I would say no. Absolutely no way.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (as player for Borussia Dortmund)
Bayern exists only to win, but to win in style, too. Winning 2-1 is not enough. We have to win 5-0.
Neuer will always be the best - there's no discussing that.
Uli Hoeneß - about Germany's number one goalkeeper (Neuer or ter Stegen?)
For everyone coming to the Oktoberfest in Munich, it's a great experience when Bayern Munich scored a win and four goals.
Robert Lewandowski (as player at Bayern Munich) - September 2019
You'll never see me on my knees, unless I'm celebrating goals.
Thomas Müller (as player at Bayern Munich)
Real Madrid is like Manchester United or Liverpool or Bayern Munich. There is so much history, and you need to play and win against that history. It's difficult to play against them because you fight against everything - the history, the players - but because of that, the motivation is always so high.
Bayern is one of the best teams in the world - on a par with Real Madrid and Barcelona. A move to Barca or Real wouldn't have been a step up for me.
Bayern was looking for a German-speaking coach who is in this position and Niko Kovac has done a very good job in the last two and a half years in Frankfurt.
A historical beat-up. The great Barça shows signs of decay in Munich.
(Marca) - April 2013, after 0:4 against Bayern Munich

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I always wanted to play in La Liga, always wanted to play for a great club.
Robert Lewandowski - July 2022, about his transfer to FC Barcelona
We know about the strength of the French players and are respectful. I think they feel the same way.
Manuel Neuer - June 2021, before Germany - France
If Barcelona was a German club, they'd be a case for a liquidator.
Uli Hoeneß - September 2021
The first match against Japan is good to get into the tournament. Costa Rica's probably gonna be next. Spain is very tough, we'll compete with them about winning the group.
Bastian Schweinsteiger - April 2022, about the World Cup 2022 draw
He [Niko Kovac] built this team from close to the second league to a Champions League place in the Bundesliga.
I'd be very happy to play with the guys of this generation.
Thomas Müller - March 2021, about eventually playing at the EURO 2021
Playing a great EURO 2024 in our own country is my main goal above all others. I am really excited about that challenge. We will show up with great team spirit next year!
Julian Nagelsmann - September 2023, about becoming Coach of the German team
Madrid is a big city. It's very dynamic and cosmopolitan.
Fan: "How did you do in school?"
Alaba: "Well, let's put it this way: Thank God I'm a good footballer."
Die WM [2018] war mein Traum, ich habe mich danach erst einmal vollständig abgeschottet. Ich war sauer auf mich, sauer auf die Situation.
Leroy Sané - January 2021
Congratulation on signing the best coach in the world.
Louis van Gaal - 1991, on becoming Coach at Ajax
In the end, superstars are just ordinary people. For outsiders, it seems different because you always see these characters in the spotlight.
Real Madrid is a legendary team that stands above all the others and is the target of all the players.
After seven years of Jürgen Klopp in Dortmund, we're more used to having Late Night Shows instead of press conferences.
Mats Hummels - October 2020, about the calmness of his coach Favre
I'd say we weren't the worse team. Too bad, I think one point would've been well deserved.
Joshua Kimmich - June 2021, after Germany - France
We have to accept the quality of the opponent, this is maybe the most dangerous attacking side at the moment in Europe.
Thomas Tuchel (as coach for Chelsea F.C.) - February 2022
We have amazing stadiums, fans who love football, first and foremost we have people who love celebrating with other Europeans. We will organize a huge football party in Germany.
Philipp Lahm - September 2018, about Germany hosting UEFA 2024
You come up against challenges in life, and it's how you deal with them that defines you.
One of the main differences between Munich and Berlin is that when thousands of people get drunk in silly clothes and start vomitting, we don't call it "Oktoberfest", we call it "Tuesday".
The question whether to carry out the Championships in Qatar should have been answered way earlier - with "no"!
Hansi Flick - September 2022
There are some big teams out there who don't play in Champions League, but I can't deny that I'd love to play in Europe's most prestigious competition.

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