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Barbarians is a 2020 German television series that was released on Netlix and covers the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest and its prehistory.

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Call me a sex slave once more and I'll cut your balls off.

Thusnelda in Barbarians, Season 1 Episode 1

Segimer: "Everyone will have a vote."
Segestes: "That's useless. You know the tribes will never unite."
Segimer: "I will commit them all to fight. The Romans won't take any more."

Segimer in Barbarians, Season 1 Episode 1

Teutoburg Forest, 9 AD. Three Roman legions are advancing towards Germania. The largest army in the world is met with many quarreling tribes. The Romans called them "barbarians". Their encounter changed the course of history.

RomeBarbarians, Season 1 Episode 1