Quotes and Lyrics by Baby Keem

Baby Keem belongs to the following category: American Rappers

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Threw it in my face, I'm on another flight
Girl at home, I ain't been living right
The little arguments always start the fight
I had to get away so I'm with you tonight

Baby Keem - HONEST

They publish the headlines and say the wrong things
Y'all treat your Lord and Savior like renters' insurance, you know what I mean?

Baby Keem - Praise God, Album: Donda

I've been duckin' my friends, I've been stuck on my ends
Memories about people all in my head
First come to mind is my mama buyin' me Jordans
Are we really made equal? 'Cause everybody got plans

Baby Keem - Issues, Album: the melodic blue

How I'm 'posed to act when my morals ain't respected?
How you 'posed to act when your feelings ain't protected?
I'm cashin' checks just to get some neck and some necklaces
What's next? War and turbulence, prayin' on this plane
Success, got a taste of it, never was the same

Baby Keem - ​trademark usa, Album: the melodic blue

And you know he only love you when your pants off
I showed you light, I showed you grown man talk

Baby Keem - ​no sense

I thought that I told you, I need the advance
Put down your IG and look through my lens
A million to grandma, who did I offend?
The girl of your dreams to me is a fan

Baby Keem - ​family ties, Album: the melodic blue

Baby Keem, not a wave, I'm a vibe