Quotes and Sayings about Apples

Quotes and Sayings about Apples

Entdecke erfrischende Weisheiten und inspirierende Sprüche über Äpfel. Lass dich verführen, die Seite zu besuchen und in die Welt der Apfelzitate einzutauchen.

Girls are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. The boys don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy. So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, even in reality, they're amazing.
They just have to wait for the right boy to come along, the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.
But what's the point of breathing if somebody already tells you the difference between an apple and a bicycle? If I bite a bicycle and ride an apple, then I'll know the difference.
Axel Blackmar in Arizona Dream
An apple a day keeps anyone away, if you throw it hard enough.
Apples, you eat their clothes, but oranges, you don't?
Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the rotten tree.
Georgia Miller in Ginny & Georgia - Season 1 Episode 1
Apples, sweet and juicy fruits of nature. Their scent fills the air and evokes memories of carefree childhood days. With every bite, I feel their crisp texture and savor the taste that touches the heart and soul. The apple symbolizes life, health, and comfort. It is a gift from nature that brings us daily joy.
Oh, lovely apple, so sweet and juicy, like the morning dew-drenched! Its round shape, kissed by delicate red, seduces the senses and awakens zest for life. A delicious bite that delights every palate and makes the eyes sparkle. A true gift of nature that fills us with joy.

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You know the thing about good food? It brings folks together from all walks of life.
Everything in this room is eatable. Even I'm eatable. But that is called cannibalism, my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies.
I’m not crazy about reality, but it’s still the only place to get a decent meal.
Mr Willy Wonka can make marshmallows that taste of violets, and rich caramels that change colour every ten seconds as you suck them, and little feathery sweets that melt away deliciously the moment you put them between your lips. He can make chewing-gum that never loses its taste, and sugar balloons that you can blow up to enormous sizes before you pop them with a pin and gobble them up. And, by a most secret method, he can make lovely blue birds' eggs with black spots on them, and when you put one of these in your mouth, it gradually gets smaller and smaller until suddenly there is nothing left except a tiny little darkred sugary baby bird sitting on the tip of your tongue.
This is America. Anyone can eat what they want, as long as they eat too much.
Homer Simpson in The Simpsons - Season 24 Episode 5
Michael: "Can we have him for supper?"
Sylvia: "Have him to stay for supper, Michael. We aren't cannibals."
Sylvia Davies in Finding Neverland
Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink only to live.
Why you care about small things? World very simple place. World only have two things: Things you can eat and things you no can eat.
Quina Quen in Final Fantasy - IX
I can’t walk by chocolate without eating it.
I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.
I've never been in love... But I imagine it's similar to the feeling you get when you see your waiter arriving with your food.
Sometimes the best part of my day is imagining what I'm gonna eat when I get off work.
So creamy. So delicious. Worth every calorie.
Gru in Minions - 2: The Rise of Gru
Ned: "How did he get so fat?"
Cat: "He only stops eating when it's time for a drink."
Catelyn Stark in Game of Thrones - Season 1 Episode 1
Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy.
Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us.
Never argue at the dinner table, for the one who is not hungry always gets the best of the argument.
Junk food drags you down.
I don't diet. I'll eat fish; I'll eat baked chicken, pasta, beans. When the body is telling you, 'You need to indulge in something,' you need to give the body what it wants.
I eat whatever I want. I like bread and cheese and wine, and that makes my life fun and enjoyable.
Absolutely eat dessert first! The thing that you want to do the most, do that.
The most essential part of my day is a proper dinner.
There's no such thing as 'bad' food or 'good' food.
You just called Britney Spears retro, so I have to go cryogenically freeze myself.
Georgia Miller in Ginny & Georgia - Season 1 Episode 5
I'd do anything to protect my kids like no one ever protected me. Anything.
Georgia Miller in Ginny & Georgia - Season 1 Episode 10
We're like the penguins. We can't fly, but maybe we can learn to swim.
Georgia Miller in Ginny & Georgia - Season 1 Episode 9
Whenever I try to remember my dreams, I always turn 'em into stories. But dreams are like life. You can't catch it with your hands because you can't catch something you don't really see.
Axel Blackmar in Arizona Dream
I never thought it could happen, but love hit me like an elephant and I was thrown into a jungle of dreams.
Axel Blackmar in Arizona Dream
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
Albert Einstein - Einstein: His Life and Universe (2007)
The worst day biking is still better than the best day at work.
The fate of our country is now in the hands of people who don't think about what they want until they get right up to the register at McDonald's.
Folks, I don't trust children. They're here to replace us.
I guess the sooner we come to terms with our mortality, the more time we can spend really living in the here-and-now.
I'm going to do some maintenance over here. I just get the urge to do some hammering now and then.
Marcus: "My bike. It's gone. She took it."
Max: "So that's like Grand Theft Auto. Or Grand Theft Bike."
Maxine Baker in Ginny & Georgia - Season 2 Episode 1
Ellen: "Ten minutes, or I'm taking away your phone."
Marcus: "Good. We're wasting our lives chained to these screens for our dopamine hits. Does it actually make us more fulfilled? No."
Max: "If I could have my phone surgically embedded into my hand, I would."
Maxine Baker in Ginny & Georgia - Season 2 Episode 1
Georgia: "I'm worried about you, Peach."
Ginny: "Is that why your wrinkles are so pronounced?"
Ginny Miller in Ginny & Georgia - Season 2 Episode 1
It's the worst betrayal since Jordyn and Kylie!
Maxine Baker in Ginny & Georgia - Season 1 Episode 10
Max: "Welcome back, b*tches!"
Ellen: "Maxine, don't call Nanna and Pappy b*tches."
Ellen Baker in Ginny & Georgia - Season 2 Episode 1
Because you can't choose who you love. Your person is your person, and that is undeniable.
Zion Miller in Ginny & Georgia - Season 1 Episode 9
We celebrate a holiday that praises our success at genocide. It's a white celebration of colonization. That's not sadistic enough. We package it up with the image of a happy, smiling turkey. The emblem of the holiday is the animal that we slaughter en masse.
Marcus Baker in Ginny & Georgia - Season 2 Episode 1

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