Quotes by Annalena Baerbock

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Quotes by Annalena BaerbockImage-Source: Grüne im Bundestag, S. Kaminski

We are fighting a war against Russia and not against each other.

Russia-Ukraine WarAnnalena Baerbock (as Foreign-Minister of Germany), January 2023

In the past months since February 24th, we had to realize that aggressive rhetoric can lead to dangerous actions. China's rhetoric about Taiwan is concerning.

China, 2022, Russia-Ukraine War, TaiwanAnnalena Baerbock, August 2022

Democracy is complicated. It enables openness, it values debates, free thoughts and arguments. That's why it's vulnerable - from the inside and outside.

DemocracyAnnalena Baerbock, August 2022

If Finland and Sweden decide to do so, they are very welcome to join NATO.

Finland, Sweden, NATOAnnalena Baerbock, April 2022

Today, we woke up in a changed world. After months of preperations through lies and propaganda, President Putin decided tonight to execute his horrible threats.

2022, Russia-Ukraine WarAnnalena Baerbock, February 2022

This is not a Ukraine crisis. This is a Russia crisis.

Russia-Ukraine WarAnnalena Baerbock, February 2022