Quotes and Sayings about Among Us

Quotes and Sayings about Among Us

The words "I am Innocent" mean absolutely shit in Among Us.
Did you sabotage O2?
'Cause you are taking my breath away.
What kind of futuristic spaceship has gasoline anyway? This looks like a gas tank. I mean... really?
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - October 2020, playing Among Us
Is it a concern for girls if a guy is eerily good at a game based around lying and being emotionally manipulative?
Disguised Toast - via Twitter, September 2020
The number #1 lesson I learned from playing Among Us is that "impostor" is not spelled "imposter".
That feeling when you were about to finish a long and annoying task, but then some jerk presses the emergency button because someone followed them.
Why shouldn't you let flying horses play Among Us?
Because they're Pega-sus!
I'm so f*cking tired of Among Us jokes!
Sorry, I just had to vent.
Nothing like the sexual tension between you and the person who just watched you jump out of a vent.
What does the impostor have in common with me at work?
We're both pretending to engage in tasks to avoid general suspicion.
America made Among Us. What's Europe's equivalent?
Among Eu.
Wanna know something about the Among Us ghost chat? It's usually pretty dead.
What's an impostor's favorite weapon?
A Nintendo Switch-blade
Who wrote "The Cat In The Hat Plays Among Us"?
Dr. Sus!
Jesus: "There's an impostor among us."
John: "Judas acting sus!"
Matthew: "I'm calling for an emergency supper."
You know, if a cat or dog plays Among Us, they usually wanna be the... Impawstor.
"Just shut up, man!"
"Will you shut up already?"
"Okay, clown!"
This isn't the presidential debate, it's just an Among Us emergency meeting.
Getting called "sus" in Among us is a completely new type of pain. Especially when you're innocent.
What do you call an Italian playing Among Us?

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I don't mean to sound egotistical but im the best trend-setting, trail-blazing, meta-defining, thought-leading, landscape-shaping streamer there ever was and will be.
Disguised Toast - December 2021
Decided to remove Donations/Bits from my channel. Give your money to charity or a smaller streamer instead, SINCE I'M RICH ALREADY WOOOHOO!
Disguised Toast - August 2019
Gonna be spending "alentine's Day" alone...
Unless someone is looking to give me the "V".
There's a difference between being humble and just knowing your worth.
Disguised Toast - My Life as a Streamer - 1 Million Subscriber Special
One guy's business plan for a $44 billion over-leveraged purchase is apparently to run around and individually ask people for $8. Remember that next time you question yourself or your qualifications.
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - November 2022, via Twitter
The biggest hurdle that our communities have is cynicism - saying it's a done deal, who cares; there's no point to voting.
Donald Trump's premature claims of victory are illegitimate, dangerous, and authoritarian.
Count the votes. Respect the results.
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - during US Election Night 2020
What's it like to just be able to go to the doctor and not be scared about going bankrupt?
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - October 2020, playing Among Us
Billionaires need the working class. The working class does not need billionaires.
We don't have time to sit on our hands as our planet burns. For young people, climate change is bigger than election or re-election. It's life or death.
Change takes courage.
I was born in a place where your ZIP code determines your destiny.
We are fighting for an unapologetic movement for economic, social, and racial justice in the United States.
You shouldn’t need a Bible to tell you to protect our planet, but it does anyway.

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