The best Quotes by Ambessa Medarda

The best Quotes by Ambessa Medarda

Your brother thinks he can talk his way out of anything. He fancies himself a fox among wolves. But mark me, child, if you want to last in this world, you must learn to be both the fox and the wolf.
Arcane - Season 1 Episode 8
A wolf has no mercy.
Arcane - Season 1 Episode 8

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It's a sad truth that those who shine brightest often burn fastest.
What is truth, but a survivor's story?
Silco in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 5
When you're going to change the world, don't ask for permission.
Viktor, the Machine Herald in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 2
We can't change what fate has in store for us, but we don't have to face it alone.
Mel Medarda in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 6
Power doesn't come to those who were born strongest, it comes to those who will do anything to achieve it.
Silco in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 2
Vi: "You still punch like a little boy."
Ekko: "And you still block with your face."
If dangerous ideas didn't excite the imagination, we would never wander astray.
Imprisonment. What a curious principle. We confine the physical body, yet the mind is still free. I do love a good conundrum.
You've got a good heart. Don't ever lose it, no matter how the world tries to break you!
Vander in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 3
It's not enough to give people what they need to survive, you have to give them what they need to live.
Don't send a rabbit to kill a fox!
Gimli: "I have the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox."
Haldir: "The dwarf breathes so loud, we could have shot him in the dark."
When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.
Sansa Stark in A Song of Ice and Fire - Season 7 Episode 7
Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe.​
Arya Stark in Game of Thrones - Season 7 Episode 1
If you really want people to talk to you, you have to let them think you have what they want.
Vi the Piltover Enforcer in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 5
We're either gonna do this the hard way or... oh, wait no, there's just the hard way.
Why do chemists call helium, curium and barium 'the medical elements?' Because, if you can't 'heal 'em' or 'cure 'em', you 'bury 'em!'
Jinx: "You build the VROOM VROOMs and I'll do the kachachaCHOOs."
Heimerdinger: "Ah, I see we're using technical terms."
Betrayal, that pain that feels like it'll eat you from the inside out, can either break you or forge you into something greater.
Silco in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 5
The only way to defeat a superior enemy is to stop at nothing. To become what they fear.
Silco in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 3
Picking a fight with me is the dumbest thing you've done today - and that's saying a lot.
I know it sounds impossible, but when have we ever let that stop us?
Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 3
War is a failure of statecraft.
Mel Medarda in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 8
I recognize that any worthwhile venture involves risk.
Mel Medarda in Arcane - Season 1
My opponents need to be upgraded.
Steel can fix all your flaws.
What's in my violin case? Violence.
I accidentally did that on purpose.
Bit of advice, don't threaten the guy who pours the drinks.
Vander in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 1
Won this fight already - doing it again for fun.
Next time, shoot where I'm gonna' be!
Love and legacy are the sacrifices we make for progress.
Singed, the Mad Chemist in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 7
Nature has made us intolerant to change, but fortunately, we have the capacity to change our nature.
Singed, the Mad Chemist in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 7
I wake up to the sounds of the silence that allows
For my mind to run around, with my ear up to the ground
I'm searching to behold the stories that are told
When my back is to the world that was smiling when I turned
That's the price you pay
Leave behind your heartache, cast away
Just another product of today
Rather be the hunter than the prey
Imagine Dragons - Natural
Sorry boys, I keep the fuzzy cuffs at home.
Me, miss? Not by a long shot!
I see you never learned patience.
Sevika in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 5
They're exhausting to inflate, they scare the shit out of you when they pop, and uninflated they just look like a pile of clown-condoms.
John Oliver in Last Week Tonight - Boeing

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