Quotes from Adrift and Adrift: Seventy-Six Days Lost at Sea

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Tami Oldham: 'You've been to so many places. What's it like sailing out there all alone?'
Richard Sharp: 'Miserable. You’re either sun burnt, sleep deprived, or seasick and after a few days there's hallucinations.'
Tami Oldham: 'Why do you do it?'
Richard Sharp: 'It's a feeling, it's intense. It's just you and the infinite horizon.'

- Adrift, by Richard Sharp

Tami Oldham: 'We're thousands of miles from land. We're not in any flight paths. That's like a fifteen-hundred square-miles to each area.'
Richard Sharp: 'A needle in a blue haystack.'

- Adrift, by Richard Sharp

Avoiding risk is not much of a goal... whether you crawl into a hole or walk a high wire, nobody gets out of here alive. We cannot grow without challenge.

- Steven Callahan in AdriftRisk, Motivation

The heartfelt realization of one's insignificance yields a calming sense of being completely connected to the greater whole. As a tiny part of the world and humanity, I now feel more at peace and much larger than I ever felt as a man alone.

- Steven Callahan in Adrift

In addition to the little ecosystem developing around my raft, I am constantly surrounded by a display of natural wonders. The acrobatic dorados perform beneath ballets of fluffy white clouds. The clouds glide across the sky until they join at the horizon to form whirling, flaming sunsets that are slowly doused by nightfall. Then, as if the sun had suddenly crashed, thousands of glistening galaxies are flung out into deep black night. There is no bigger sky country than the sea. But I cannot enjoy the incredible beauty around me. It lies beyond my grasp, taunting me. Knowing it can be stolen from me at any time, by a Dorado or shark attack or by a deflating raft, I cannot relax and appreciate it. It is beauty surrounded by ugly fear. I write in my log that it is a view of heaven from a seat in hell.

- Steven Callahan in Adrift

There is a magnificent intensity in life that comes when we are not in control but are only reacting, living, surviving.

- Steven Callahan in AdriftLife