Quotes and Lyrics by Adelitas Way

Quotes and Lyrics by Adelitas Way

Adelitas Way is an American rock band formed in Las Vegas in 2006.

I don't give a f*ck that you can't stand me
I've finally had enough of what you say
Now you're talking tough cause you backstabbed me
You're my derailment
My derailment

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We stole the Statue of Liberty! The small one, from Las Vegas. I won't even mention the Eiffel Tower - also Vegas.
Phil, you let this dude [Dennis Rodman] go to vacation, we not gonna see him. You let him go to Vegas, we definitely not gonna see him.
Las Vegas is the boiling pot of entertainment.
No. Well, yes - experience.
Michael Schumacher - September 2003, after being asked, whether he won in Las Vegas
I shouldn't be near Vegas and have money in my pocket.
Man, I really like Vegas.
Bangkok, like Las Vegas, sounds like a place where you make bad decisions.
I've spent more time in Las Vegas than any other city, almost including L.A. where I live.
Las Vegas without Wayne Newton is like Disneyland without Mickey Mouse.
Las Vegas is a 24-hour city. It never stops.
I like the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas more than the actual one.
Las Vegas looks the way you’d imagine heaven must look at night.
Chuck Palahniuk - Invisible Monsters
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
While I was busy hating Vegas, and hiding from Vegas, a funny thing happened. I grew to love Vegas.
If you know how to live in Vegas you can have the best time.
It’s hard to imagine a bigger desert oasis than Las Vegas.
Oh, come on, ref! I haven't seen that much hooking go unpunished since my last trip to Vegas.
Las Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks - it says 'Goodbye'.
They say money can't buy happiness. But it can book your flight to Vegas - which is kinda the same.
Be sure to wear a condom, not everything stays in Vegas!
Alan Harper in Two and a half Men - Season 9 Episode 8
Woman: "You know this isn't Vegas, right?"
Robin: "Well sure, in Vegas the casinos pump in oxygen, in Atlantic City it looks like everyone brought their own."
You know, a lot of people come to Las Vegas to lose. I didn't.
I love the American Southwest, for starters. You may call them Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah. I call them heaven.
Deangelo Vickers in The Office - Season 7 Episode 20
Of all the mountain ranges I have climbed, I like the Sierra Nevada the best.
Gaming is the backbone of Nevada's economy.
They say money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a flight to Nevada - and that's pretty much the same thing.
We don't need to worry
'Cause when we fall, we know how to land
Don't need to talk the talk, just walk the walk tonight
'Cause we don't need permission to dance
BTS - Permission to Dance
Don't you think we got another season
That come after spring?
I wanna be your summer
I wanna be your wave
Treat me like a comma
I'll take you to a new phrase
BTS - Waste It On Me, Album: Neon Future III
And I know there's no makin' this right, this right
And I know there's no changing your mind, your mind
But we both found each other tonight, tonight
So if love is nothing more than just a waste of your time

Waste it on me, waste it on me
BTS - Waste It On Me, Album: Neon Future III

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