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The number of "followers" you have does not make you better than anyone else. Hitler had millions, Jesus had 12.

Jesus, Popularity, Social MediaUnknown

Han Lee: "Hipsters like karaoke!"
Max: "Replace the word 'like' with the word 'Hitler' and you got the three worst things in history."

HipsterMax Black in 2 Broke Girls, Season 1 Episode 4

Cartman: "After I'm on television, I'm gonna be totally famous."
Wendy: "Hitler was famous too."

Wendy Testaburger in South Park, Season 1 Episode 2

You're like Hitler! But even Hitler cared about Germany or something.

Morty Smith in Rick and Morty, Season 1 Episode 1

But let all strive without failing in faith or in duty, and the dark curse of Hitler will be lifted from our age.

1940, World War IIWinston Churchill, July 1940

Kate, if you found out you were going to become... Adolf Hitler, wouldn't you do everything in your power to make sure it never happens?

Iron Lad / Nathaniel Richards in Young Avengers, Vol 1

If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.

Devil, 1941, World War IIWinston Churchill, 1941, zu einem Bündnis mit Stalin

If you was to put me and this here sniper rifle anywhere up to and including one mile of Adolf Hitler with a clear line of sight, sir - pack your bags, fellas, war's over.

Saving Private Ryan, by Private Jackson

What about the reality where Hitler cured cancer, Morty? The answer is: don't think about it.

Rick Sanchez in Rick and Morty

You dumb motherf-cker, didn't Napoleon let you know?
When you conquer Russia, better pack some f-cking winter clothes

RussiaEpic Rap Battles of History, Hitler vs. Vader