Quotes and Lyrics by 6ix9ine

Quotes and Lyrics by 6ix9ine

Daniel Hernandez, known by his stage name 6ix9ine, also known as Tekashi69, Tekashi 6ix9ine or simply Tekashi, is an American rapper. 6ix9ine's quotes are full of graphical depictions of him having intercourse with groupies.

I know you don't like me, you wanna fight me
You don't want no problems at your party, don't invite me
I don't worry 'bout you n*ggas, please stop talking 'bout me
Always talking 'bout me 'cause you looking for the clouty
TROLLZ, Album: 693*
Flame up, light it
They see me and get excited
Two step, spin around, so fly, pilot
They sick, been hot way before Coronavirus
GOOBA, Album: 69
Order stitches for these snitches, dead men tell no tales
Diggin' ditches for these n*ggas, toss 'em in, so well
Wish U Never Done That
Baseball bat to his Yankee hat
Make a lil' n*gga face out my Gat
Pop that shit, he acrobat
Leave a n*gga flat on the playground mat
Call 911, bet he can't come back
International Gangstas
N*gga, this is New York, make the wrong move
And the goons let the two spark, work hard and move salt
8 Ball like pool, hoes, cracked like the pavement
Diesel like the gas station, trap out the bas*ment
Order more 'fore I sit in jail, n*ggas say they love me
I can see it in these n*ggas eyes, they don't wish me well
I don't need their company, they smilin' when a n*gga fell
Same day, different shit, same bed, different b*tch
Scum n*ggas gettin' rich, respect my conglomerate
Pimpin, Album: SCUMMY SCUMZ
I'ma pull up with the 30 stick, with the coolin' kit
Stephen Curry, how I'm shootin' shit, I can't f*ckin' miss
I'm off a perc movin' ridiculous, I think I'm seein' shit
MOOKY, Album: DAY69
If you need a plate, then you could hit me on my turf
I need twenty-five, try to stick me and that gun burst
I need all of mine, try to try me and it's Columbine
Let that ruger fly, automatic poppin' at your guys
Chocolat, Album: DAY69
B*tch gave me the twinkle
'Cause she don't wanna wait in line
I told her patience is a virtue
Baby you should take your time
I don't even know like 'Why I did that?'
I don't even know like 'Why I hit that?'
All I know is that I just can't wife that
Talk to her nice so she won't fight back
FEFE (mit Nicki Minaj)
Call a Uber with my shooter, with a Ruger, we gon' do ya
n*ggas say they killin' people, but I really f*ckin' do it
FEFE (mit Nicki Minaj)
Yeah, you know I do my dance
In the club, throwin' dub
Rack it up, shake it up
Watch me do it, how I bust it up
GOTTI, Album: DAY69: Graduation Day
If a n*gga feelin' froggy, let him through, let him through
Standin' right in your face, n*gga do what you do
Big homie look at me, like shoot, I'm like, 'Who?'
I got the Big-Mac, kick-back, blow your whole shit back
B*tch move
RONDO, Album: DAY69
B*tches suck my dick 'cause I'm fly like Aladdin
Big drum on the gun, that's a pump with a red beam
Catch him in the bed while he sleep, that's a wet dream
This n*gga tryna test me
Close range headshots, f*ck where the vest be
Poles1469, Album: A Love Letter to You (by Trippie Redd)
I want the drip, drip while I get my dick licked
Lil' sick b*tch, lickin' on my dick tip
She a freak ho, f*ck her, she on beast mode
Arch your back, put your hands on your knees, ho
BILLY, Album: DAY69
It's always 6ix9ine this and 6ix9ine that
n*gga's on my dick and on my yack
These n*ggas lookin' for me, you could hit my jack
I done dropped my address, y'all know where 6ix9ine at
BILLY, Album: DAY69
n*ggas want that b*tch back, I don't chit-chat
Run up here? Click clack, blow your shit back
Baby I ain't a hot boy, I'm a block boy
Double trigger Glock, make him Diddy Bop, boy
KEKE, Album: DAY69
All my n*ggas really gang bang, talk that damn slang
Rap about it, do the same thing, let your nuts hang
KOODA, Album: DAY69
I don't f*ck with no old hoes, only new hoes
Put my dick in her backbone, I pass her to my bro
I don't love her, that's a sad ho, she a bad ho
I'ma f*ck her, then I dash home, to the cash ho
GUMMO, Album: DAY69
On the stoop, crills in my drawers, your girl on my phone
She wanna f*ck, but keep her clothes on, I only want the jaw
Man that's really all I use her for, I kick her out the door
I don't want her, you can keep the wh*re, she fiendin' for some more
GUMMO, Album: DAY69

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And leave me with my sins
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She fooled me twice and it's all my fault
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You think we boys, I never seen you at one of my shows
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I can literally say antisemitic shit and they can't drop me. Now what?
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I said my face bomb, ass tight
Racks stack up Shaq height
Jewelry on me, flashlight
I been lit since last night
I just find myself happy with the simple things. Appreciating the blessings God gave me.
After much consideration & conversation with my family, I've decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time.
Snoop Dogg - November 2023
The Wu is too slammin' for these Cold Killin' labels
Some ain't had hits since I seen Aunt Mabel
Be doin' artists in like Cain did Abel
Now they money's gettin' stuck to the gum under the table
That's what you get when you misuse what I invent
Your empire falls and you lose every cent
GZA - Protect Ya Neck, Album: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
We don't need to worry
'Cause when we fall, we know how to land
Don't need to talk the talk, just walk the walk tonight
'Cause we don't need permission to dance
BTS - Permission to Dance

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