The best Quotes from 365 Days

The best Quotes from 365 Days

Here you can find the best Quotes from 365 Days, a 2020 Polish erotic film that is based on the books by Blanka Lipińska. In August 2022, part 3 has been released, titled The Next 365 Days.

Laura: "I don't need 365 days."
Massimo: "...because?"
Laura: "Because I love you."
You can either make it hard for both of us for the next year, or take part in an adventure that fate has given you.
Massimo's Father: "You have to be careful. Beautiful women are heaven for the eyes and hell for the soul."
Massimo: "And purgatory for the wallet."
If you really love something, just let it go. If it comes back, it's yours forever.
365 Days - The Next 365 Days
Remember, a woman that lives only for her man will be unhappy forever.
365 Days - The Next 365 Days
Massimo: "Legend says that Zeus used to hide Typhon there - a monster of 100 heads - and that it's still trying to escape."
Laura: "So, Typhon didn't fall in love with Zeus in 365 days."
You always have a choice. The thing is, you have to take responsibility of your own life.
Laura in 365 Days - This Day
Domenico: "Baby, please calm down!"
Olga: "I can't calm down. I'm Polish!"
Olga in 365 Days - This Day
Being a good wife is one of the most difficult jobs in the world.
Nacho in 365 Days - This Day
It doesn't matter what we drive or what we eat, as long as we're together.
Laura in 365 Days - This Day
A dark secret is the foundation of any successful relationship.
Olga in 365 Days - This Day
Massimo, you have to get out of here! It brings bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Not to say to bang her and ruin her makeup!
Olga in 365 Days - This Day
Massimo: "This is what you call a temper? How come you're not Italian?"
Laura: "How many Polish girls do you know?"
Massimo: "It looks like one is all I need to know."
I won't do anything without your permission. I'll wait until you want me, you desire me, and come to me yourself.
Massimo: "Somewhere inside me I had this feeling of certainty that one day you would stand in front of me and be mine."
Laura: "You must be kidding. Nobody owns me. I'm not an object."
Massimo: "Baby girl, when your entire life is based on taking everything with force, it's hard to react in a different way. Especially if someone is taking away a pleasure you really desire. Don't provoke me!"
Laura: "Or what?"
You have 365 days. I'd do anything so you can fall in love with me. If next year, on your birthday, nothing changes, I'll set you free.
I thought that when it comes to sexual preferences, nothing would surprise me.
Massimo: "You can either make it hard for both of us for the next year, or take part in an adventure that fate has given you."
Laura: "It wasn't fate; it was you."
Laura: "Get out! Get out, or else I...-"
Massimo: "Else what?"
Laura: "Or I guarantee you, this is the last time you'll see it."
Massimo: "F-ing a-holes."
Massimo's Father: "However, he's a potential business partner. He deserves our respect."

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