2020 - The most memorable Quotes of the year

On thyQuotes you can find Quotes about Coronavirus and Death of George Floyd aswell.


I stand with those who are calling out the ingrained racism and violence toward people of color in our country. We have had enough.

Racism, Death of George FloydMichael Jordan, June 2020

Since the Reunion of Germany, or even since World War II, there has been no challenge to our country that demanded from us to work together as much as this one.

CoronavirusAngela Merkel (as Chancellor of Germany), March 2020

We cancelling sporting events, school, office work, etc etc. What we really need to cancel is 2020! Damn it's been a rough 3 months. God bless and stay safe.

LeBron James, March 2020

We have therefore made the assessment that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic.

CoronavirusTedros Ghebreyesus (as Director-General of the WHO), March 2020

We now have a name for the disease and it's COVID-19.

CoronavirusTedros Ghebreyesus (as Director-General of the WHO), Februar 2020

This victory here is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.

Donald TrumpBernie Sanders, February 2020, after Primaries in New Hampshire

Jobs are booming, incomes are soaring, poverty is plummeting, crime is falling, confidence is surging, and our country is thriving and highly respected again. America’s enemies are on the run, America’s fortunes are on the rise, and America’s future is blazing bright. The years of economic decay are over.

AmericaDonald Trump (as President of the United States of America), State of the Union 2020

This is not an end, but a beginning. This is the moment when the dawn breaks and the curtain goes up on a new act in our great national drama.

BrexitBoris Johnson (als Premierminister Großbritanniens), January 2020

We're working very strongly with China on the Coronavirus. We think we have it very well under control.

CoronavirusDonald Trump (as President of the United States of America), January 2020

We knew that the Coronavirus would reach Germany some day. The case in Bavaria shows us that we're well prepared for it.

CoronavirusJens Spahn (als deutscher Gesundheitsminister), January 2020

I loved Kobe - he was like a little brother to me. Words can't describe the pain I'm feeling.

Michael Jordan, Januar 2020, zum Tod von NBA-Legende Kobe Bryant

Let me be clear to the Australian people, our emissions reductions policies will both protect our environment and seek to reduce the risk and hazard we are seeing today.

Scott Morrison, January 2020, about the Australian bushfires

The world cannot afford another war in the Gulf.

António Guterres (as Secretary-General of the United Nations), January 2020

General Qassem Soleimani has killed or badly wounded thousands of Americans over an extended period of time, and was plotting to kill many more...but got caught!

Donald Trump (as President of the United States of America), January 2020

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